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Re: KH "Phoney", "Pure dugpa BS!" Letter: Historical Background & Summary

Jun 25, 2007 11:05 AM
by proto37

Re  "KH phoney Letter"

   Well, nobody along the Blavatsky lines 
Would complain here, because they are 
all D-E-A-D for the most part (although 
living in body.)

   I'm wonder what master images we all 
should be meditating on, since the grade-B 
Master portraits available are 125 years 
old.  Should we MAKE ONE UP?  If so, 
where is any validity to that?  Also, 
I wonder if one is a Male, he can make 
up an image of a WOMAN Teacher, so one 
doesn't get grossed-out on the muscles 
and wavey long hair that some want.  
..... I'm thinking I'm going to choose 
Kim Kommando for my "Image" - you know 
the "digital goddess."  That will get 
me much more "spiritually excited" than 
some unwashed Hindu giant.  You are also 
free to meditate on all the .... men.... 
you wish to.  (Funny... both of Judge's 
secretaries Ver Planck and Fullerton 
would have liked that also. [Fullerton 
got arrested because of an under-age 
boy years later...])

       - jake j.

--- In, "danielhcaldwell"
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> KH "Phoney", "Pure dugpa BS!" Letter:  
> Historical Background and Summary
> All the material below when taken in its totality 
> gives readers a helpful summary of findings.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> I don't have alot of time this morning but I want to give
> a historical overview of this KH "Phoney", "Pure dugpa BS!" Letter.
> After extensive research, I have found that the earliest
> extant version of this KH "letter" is found in William Judge's
> Oct.-Dec. 1888 diary.  This was the time period when Judge
> went to London and saw HPB.  
> Within the next 7 months or so, portions of this "letter" appeared 
> In the July 1889 PATH on the second page (p. 98) of the lead article, 
> Julia Keightley writes:
> "What is our present Duty? Hear the words of the Master. 'Judge
> the action, not the person. You never know the true motives. Never
> judge human nature on its lowest level. Every one has a potential
> Dugpa in him.' "
> Julia adds a footnote to this quote:
> "Dugpa, black magician; one devoted wholly to self. This [quotation
> above] and other quotations [later in this same article] are from
> the private letters of the Adept."
> The quotations later in this same article can be seen from the
> following facsimile:
> She prefaces the quotations as follows:
> "...let us read some remarks fron an Oriental Adept which came into
> our possession many months ago...."
> Now consider the following.
> William Judge in late 1888 WRITES into his OWN personal and private 
> diary this KH material. 
> Then within 7 or so months of that time in his OWN Theosophical 
> magazine THE PATH, he as editor ALLOWS the lead article written by 
> Julia Keightley to give out to the public a good number of quotations 
> from this SAME KH material. The article attributes this material to   
> "the Master", "the Adept" and "an Oriental Adept."
> Is it such a stretch of the imagination to assume that Mr. Judge 
> himself considered this KH material as coming from the real Master 
> KH?  He certainly knew about the material from what he had copied in 
> his own private diary!!
> H.P. Blavatsky herself quotes TWICE from Julia's lead article 
> (containing the KH material" when she wrote THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY 
> which was issued later in 1889.  Surely H.P.B. was aware of this KH 
> material.  Can we assume that HPB at the same time would have 
> considered the material as "phoney" and "pure dugpa BS"?
> Then on page 142 of the August, 1889 issue of THE PATH,
> one finds an article titled:
> This is followed by a question:
> "How is one to recognize a black magician, and how to treat such an
> one?"
> Then four paragraphs answer the question and the answer is signed:
> HADJI ERINN, which is one of William Judge's pen names.
> Now the first sentence of the first paragraph of the answer reads:
> "It has been well said by H.P. Blavatsky that 'each one has a
> potential black magician within.' "
> Surely AT LEAST some readers of this August issue would have 
> remembered a similar quote given from "the Master" only the month 
> before:
> "Every one has a potential Dugpa in him."
> Here we have not only Julia giving a quote from the Master but the 
> next month Mr. Judge attributing a similar quote to H.P. Blavatsky!
> Again I ask:  is it so hard to believe that not only Judge but H.P.B. 
> herself knew about this material?  Goodness any reader - even an 
> outsider!! - could read both these July and August issues and see 
> that these quotes were similar if not identical!
> If these two quotes are as Jake now contends "phoney" and "pure duga 
> BS!" why would either Mr. Judge or Mme. Blavatsky allow such things 
> to be published and publicized in one of the leading Theosophical 
> magazines??? In both cases the material is attributed either to "the 
> Master" or to H.P. Blavatsky herself!
> One would think that if these statements are misleading or bogus or
> false that either Mr. Judge or Madame Blavatsky herself would have
> written something indicating that H.P. Blavatsky NEVER SAID such a
> false thing, etc., etc.
> We can look at this same time period and see that Madame Blavatsky 
> herself was not shy about speaking up and correcting misinformation
> And in at least 3 OTHER articles in THE PATH over the next one to two 
> years when H.P. Blavatsky and William Judge where both alive and hard 
> at work, Julia writes even MORE articles in THE PATH quoting from 
> this KH material which Jake now wants us to believe is "phoney" and 
> even "pure dugpa BS!"
> And the story doesn't stop here.
> This SAME KH material was used in March 1891 in the following 
> document.
> AT MME. BLAVATSKY'S OWN DIRECTION, Mr. Judge started a periodical for 
> the American Esoteric School students titled: Suggestions and Aids.
> In the March 1, 1891 issue of S & A, the reader finds that one of
> HPB's esoteric groups had written a paper titled:
> See link below which shows 2 pages from this particular "Suggestions
> and Aids":
> The article "The Seven Worlds" starts at the bottom of page
> 343.
> If you look on page 344 at what I have marked as line 15 you will
> see the words: (MS. of a Teacher.) Line 1 (on page 343) which
> is a diagram and lines 2-15 on page 344 have been quoted/paraphrased
> from the KH "letter" or manuscript. 
> From this S & A document, the student sees that one of HPB's
> esoteric groups was given a copy of the KH MS which was credited in
> the paper as simply:
> (MS. of a Teacher.)
> This shows that the KH MSS/Letter/document was being used even by
> one of HPB's esoteric groups AS EARLY AS March 1891.
> In other words, acknowledgement to this KH/Teacher MSS was given in 
> the esoteric periodical that Mr. Judge started under the directions 
> of the Outer Head of the Esoteric School, HPB herself.
> Then also in 1891, in a Esoteric School pamphlet on meditation, the 
> KH material dealing with meditating on the image of the Master is 
> given.  At no time later, did Mr. Judge point out that these quotes 
> are phoney.  Not a word.
> Then when E.S. Instruction #5 was issued, we find the same KH 
> material quoted again!  I give the transcription of some of the 
> relevant passages of this KH Concentration letter as found in ES. 
> Instruction #5.
> See:
> WHY WOULD JUDGE (after HPB's death) include portions of
> this KH Concentration letter in E.S. Instruction #5?
> In at least 2 editions of this Instruction #5, one finds the
> relevant KH Concentration letter and it is even attributed to Master
> Koot Hoomi....
> Now Jake has come up with all sorts of "reasons" for dismissing the 
> importance of the KH material appearing in Instruction No. 5. 
> For example, he wrote:
> "Maybe whoever was typing up the Instruction inserted
> material (the short section containing the phoney adept letter could
> be removed without destroying the context, and the whole
> Instruction would be in a more consistent 'tone.')"
> In other words, Judge was UNaware of what was done.
> Jake apparently is trying to tell us that Mr. Judge was so careless 
> and so inattentive that he would not be aware (as Outer Co-Head or 
> Outer Head of the Esoteric School) of what was published in this
> Instruction with his own name appended at the end.
> These so-called "phoney" quotes that wound up in ES
> Instruction #5 are ALSO to be found in Mr. Judge's own personal diary 
> for Oct.-Dec. 1888.
> If Mr. Judge transcribed this so-called "phoney" letter in his own
> 1888 diary, is it such a stretch to conclude that he ALSO included
> this material in ES Instruction #5?
> Plus he also ALLOWED as editor of THE PATH and also editor of 
> SUGGESTIONS AND AIDS, for variosu articles to appear over the years 
> including more material from this "phoney" KH letter.
> Will Jake now contend that Mr. Judge was UNaware of any of this KH 
> material in his own diary, in several articles in THE PATH, in 
> SUGGESTIONS AND AIDS, in the 1891 ES pamphlet on meditation and last 
> but not least in HPB's Esoteric Instructions #5????
> Or will Jake now contend that Mr. Judge was aware of this material or 
> at least of some of it but allowed "phoney" KH material to be 
> distributed to the general public and to Theosophical students and 
> Esoteric members.....??
> OBTW, among Mrs. Alice Cleather's private papers is a document titled:
> "From a Paper of Notes made from a Master's Letter."
> Mrs. Cleather was a member of HPB's Inner Group in London.
> This document INCLUDES the three KH quotes from ES Instruction #5
> PLUS more KH attributed passages on concentration and meditation.
> And Basil Crump, Mrs. Cleather's trusted colleague, in an article in 
> THE CANADIAN THEOSOPHIST, August 1942 writes:
> "The Master K.H., in a LETTER on the difference between the 'White
> Gelugpas' and the 'Black Dugpas', says : 'It is impossible to
> worship both sides of Nature at once..... '".
> No doubt, both Mrs. Cleather and Mr. Crump considered this material 
> as authentic KH.  
> And there is some indirect evidence that would lead one to conclude 
> that this KH material as given by Mrs. Cleather and Mr. Crump was 
> also given to other members of HPB's Inner Group.
> One last consideration.
> Jake tells us that it is obvious that this material is "phoney" 
> and "pure duga BS", yet other students on Theos-Talk in the last year 
> or so (Ken Small, John S., and others) have given their considered 
> opinions that the material is not "phoney", etc. but is consistent 
> with various other Theosophical teachings as given by HPB.
> So what is so obvious to Jake is not obvious to other students.  Why 
> is that???
> Of course, Jake is entitled to his own opinions whatever they may 
> be.  I am not debating that.  Jake can believe anything he wants.  
> MOre power to him. 
> But I write all of the above so that other students who may not have 
> an opinion yet will be more informed of these matters.
> I personally now consider the material to be authentic KH material 
> although at the very beginning of my studies, I too had some doubts 
> and questions.  My studies over the years (some of which is 
> summarized above) has resulted in my current understanding.
> This is a first draft of this posting.  As soon as possible I plan to 
> publish a more detailed and finished summary on my website so that 
> all of these facts will be readily accessible to interested readers 
> and students.
> Daniel

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