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RE "the dugpa inside"

Jun 24, 2007 05:48 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: "the Dugpa Inside"

   What you say is true, such things happen.  
The "KH letter" doesn't exist, but supposed 
fragments, or one fragment.  It might be 
something A.O. Hume got after KH stop 
communicating with him - just as Sinnett 
got all sorts of phoney communications 
through mediums after the real KH stopped 
communicating with him.  (Hume got cut off 
- somewhere (MLs?) - it is said he was 
observed sercretly going through someone's 
belongings, and reading their letter(s), 
among else.)  

    What would be a "dugpa inside"?  There 
isn't any "full-blown" such creature 
(unless one might consider the individual 
"dweller on the threshold"), because, a 
real dugpa with power one would have to 
Work at becoming one, like work at anything 
else.  But some people Are Mediums (like 
you imply) to outside "things" and also 
their own nasty tendencies.  That's what 
drug-addicts are, mediums for some drug-bug.  
They start out wanting to use the drug, 
then they surrender their will, and have 
little choice anymore, and get taken over 
for the most part. They lose the will 
they surrendered.  People who don't set 
up any Principles or Ethics for themselves, 
might surrender to any types of nasty 
impulses, even really bad ones.  And people 
heading down the wrong path surrender 
to evil impusles purposively, and in time 
that is what they become.

    The thing is .... should one be 
overly concerned about this type of thing 
and whatever latent nastiness one might 
have?  You have to "Know Thyself" (and 
thus other people), but also the way to 
overcome things within isn't by direct 
attack generally, but by starving it 
through not paying attention to it.  
Keep the focus on where you are going, 
not on where you've been, as Purucker 
recommends also.  Mark Twain said the 
way to overcoming smoking (cigars), in 
a minor example, was not to directly 
fight it, but to forget about it, or 
put the thought out of the mind when it 
comes up.

          - jake j.


>1. the dugpa inside
    Posted by: "krishtar" krishtar_a
    Date: Fri Jun 22, 2007 7:25 am ((PDT))

>I agree with master KH.
>Let me see how a little and perhaps childish common example.
>People who come to your home, being even a friend of yours,  and
 looking at a plant or staring at a pet and suddenly , ploof, after he´s gone, the
 plant or the pet gets ill or dies. It´s a kind of magic, it´s an evil effect of energies unsciously we
>Some call it evil-eye. I believe that it is in this sense that bother HPB and KH was
 referrring to.
>Tendencys that we bring from other past lives.
>May not have support in many theo. literature but our day-to-day life
 shows us.

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