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Jun 24, 2007 01:03 AM
by danielhcaldwell

I'm glad Nigel posted the quote by
HPB from her KEY.

I repost below part of that quote which
hits the nail on the head in light of some
of our previous discussions about "God" on
this forum:

...An Occultist or a Theosophist addresses his
prayer to his Father which is in secret (read, and try to understand,
ch. vi. v. 6, Matthew), not to an extra-cosmic and therefore finite
God; and that "Father" is in man himself.

...In our sense, the inner man is the only God we can have cognizance 
of. And how can this be otherwise? Grant us our postulate that God is 
a universally diffused, infinite principle, and how can man alone 
escape from being soaked through by, and in, the Deity? We call 
our "Father in heaven" that deific essence of which we are cognizant 
within us, in our heart and spiritual consciousness, and which has 
nothing to do with the anthropomorphic conception we may form of it 
in our physical brain or its fancy: "Know ye not that ye are the 
temple of God, and that the spirit of (the absolute) God dwelleth in 
you?"3 Yet, let no man anthropomorphise that essence in us. Let no 
Theosophist, if he would hold to divine, not human truth, say that 
this "God in secret" listens to, or is distinct from, either finite 
man or the infinite essence -- for all are one. 


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