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Cooperation in study -

Jun 20, 2007 12:00 PM
by Sveinn Freyr


It has at times occurred to me to drop in to the mail-list,
information that concerns former lives of Arhats and Adepts. For a
long time I have been interested in this matter for historical reasons
and especially for a lineage study and understanding. One has to be
cautious to make a decision and determine if information is correct or not.

We have seen, - or those of us who have looked at the text of the
Adepts discussions with Apollonius, how closely the Adepts ask him
about his former incarnation.

I have here at my desk a text that is of exceptional quality and deals
with how Master Morya fought his way in the Arhat degrees. And by the
way, the same individual recommends such a study for a better
understanding of lineage differences and history.

For those who are in this line of study, I give this information:

Akbar The Great Mogul And his Religious Thoughts.

    By: Gudmar Aneer
Teol. kand., Fil. kand.

Uppsala,  May 1973


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