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Re KH "Phoney" letter

Jun 17, 2007 04:37 PM
by proto37

Re:  KH "phoney" Letter

Dan & John,

    Well, it is all very patchy isn't it?  Wouldn't it be nice to have
a whole letter.  I wonder why Spierenberg said in his 1995 edition of
"Inner Group Teachings" refering to this "KH quote": ".... a quotation
from an unpublished (1882?) letter from the Master K.H. to A.O. Hume."
 I note also, Dan, that you don't refer to a single line of my letter,
or included it in the post, unless I missed one. (The Vol. III Echoes
of the Orient reference is not correct, also, in my edition.)

   On the Buddhist exercises you refer to John, I don't doubt there
are such practices.  I mistrust all such stuff personally, and label
it in the gray, if not black arena of occultism.  I figure if I have a
body to experience in after death, I'll have to have Earned it by the
over-all level of my being, and not have to Create one before hand. 
Trust Nature to do the right thing!  I think even the "Tibetan Book of
the Dead" is grey or black occultism.

       Congrats on getting the broadband connection.  It will never
happen where I am - all 1910 copper wire.  I see broadband and dial-up
are about the same price now even, if I understand it right.  PBS
about 6mos back (I think in their excellent AIR series - "American
Investigative Reporting" - had an expose on the phone companies
getting a HUGE tax break 10-15 years back, which the agreement being
that they would sink it into infra-structure upgrade - fiber optics
for everyone.  Well they never did a dam thing, and kept the billions
in funds for themselves, without a peep about it from congress to date.

        - jake j.

Re: Theos-World That "phoney" KH Letter in ES - V

>Hi Jake, Daniel,
>Well, I don't care to enter into interminable dissection of the written
letters mentions here. I do have a simple view viz;

>>"....And so with regard to concentration
the Blessed Master Koot Hoomi .'. writes:
'Your best method is to concentrate on
the Master as a Living Man within you.
Make His image in your heart, and a focus
of concentration, so as to lose all sense
of bodily existence in the one thought."
... and some following paragraphs.<<

>What is important to me here is whether or not this statement By
Master K.H. is
a true representation of the Doctrine they possess and and have been
themselves, and so teach others, including Theosophists. It appears at
least to
me to be a true presentation of Tibetan and Indian Doctrine. For
instance the
Remed Adepts of Blavatsky's time taught this concept then and still do
which can be viewed as a teaching on the creation of one's personal
Yidam Image
that is self-constructed by meditation, intention, will, projection,
and energy
in order to satisfy a direct need later in the Bardo and post Bardo
states of
consciousness which provides the Adept with a functional vehicle for
use as
Nirmanakaya. This vehicle is utilitarian to the subtle existence and
of the Personality and in the manner they indicate, it is receptacle
of the true
Self in accordance with Heart Doctrine and in alignment with the Buddhic
principle Hiranyagarbha. The One Life of the Mahatma's i
s the same One Life in which we all share "participation" but not
possession and
it is "The Living Man within you" That K.H. points at and inseparably
ones True
Master which K.H. also points at.
>I have read several parallel schools that teach this view. It was
present in
the Remed movement of Tibet and also in the Kagyu teaching and other
when Blavatsky and Judge and Sinnett yet lived and is still taught
today. I
think it is a valid origination on that basis.

>With respect to all,

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