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Was HPB Aware of this KH Letter???

Jun 17, 2007 11:01 AM
by danielhcaldwell

In my posting at:

I stated:

Was H.P. Blavatsky reading THE PATH magazine?

During 1889 and 1890, there are at least four PATH articles in which
Julia quotes from the specific KH letter under discussion.

Did H.P. Blavatsky read any of these articles?

I suggest that if HPB read even one of the articles, she would have
become aware that Julia had excerpts from this unpublished
Mahatma letter/manuscript that Jake thinks is phoney?

Now I present further material which serves as evidence.

As far as I know, the first PUBLIC mention/quotation from the KH
Concentration letter is in the July, 1889 issue of THE PATH.

Let's look at this July 1889 issue.

This issue is 32 pages long.

Julia contributes THREE articles to this issue!!

At this point in time as one goes through various issues of THE PATH
it becomes quite evident that Julia was a main contributor to
Judge's magazine.

Now Julia contributes the LEAD article (main article) to this July
issue of THE PATH. This article is titled:

"Judge the Act: Not the Person: Adepts and Mediums."

This 9 page article is a DEFENSE of H.P. Blavatsky against the
accusations of Mabel Collins.

Julia signs the article with her pseudonym: Jasper Niemand.

On the second page (p. 98) of this lead article, Julia writes:

"What is our present Duty? Hear the words of the Master. "Judge
the action, not the person. You never know the true motives. Never
judge human nature on its lowest level. Every one has a potential
Dugpa in him."

The footnote to this Master quote reads:

"Dugpa, black magician; one devoted wholly to self. This [quotation
above] and other quotations [later in this same article] are from
the private letters of the Adept."

I have added the explanatory words in brackets [ ].

You can see here that even the title for this lead article was taken
from this letter from "the Master"!

Then on the sixth and seventh pages of this article, Julia quotes
the lengthy extracts which constitute part of the KH Concentration

She prefaces the quotations as follows:

"...let us read some remarks fron an Oriental Adept which came into
our possession many months ago...."

See the photofacsimile of these two pages at:

Now did H.P. Blavatsky read this issue of THE PATH?

Was HPB aware that in this article Julia quotes from these private
letters of the Adept, including what we are calling the KH
Concentration letter?

In general, it is not a stretch to suppose that Madame Blavatsky
read each and every issue of THE PATH as it was published. We know
that HPB had a high regard for this magazine and in fact THE PATH
was one of the three main Theosophical periodicals of the time, the
other two being HPB's LUCIFER and Adyar's THE THEOSOPHIST.

But yesterday as I was researching this KH Concentration letter I
discovered evidence that shows that indeed HPB read this issue of
THE PATH and IN FACT read Julia's lead article.

Turn to the original edition of THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY, page 38 and
one finds HPB writing:

This shows that their idea of honour is an imperfect one. How can
they be right? As well said in the Path, our theosophical organ at
New York, treating of such a case: "Suppose that a soldier is tried
for infringement of oath and discipline, and is dismissed from the
service. In his rage at the justice he has called down, and of whose
penalties he was distinctly forewarned, the soldier turns to the
enemy with false information, -- a spy and traitor -- as a revenge
upon his former Chief, and claims that his punishment has released
him from his oath of loyalty to a cause." Is he justified, think
you? Don't you think he deserves being called a dishonourable man, a

HPB is in fact quoting from Julia's article!

HPB is quoting from page 98 of that article where the private letter
of the Master is quoted which again reads:

"Judge the action, not the person. You never know the true
motives. Never judge human nature on its lowest level. Every one
has a potential Dugpa in him."

And the following I just discovered like 3 minutes ago:

On page 51 of THE KEY, Madame Blavatsky again writes:

As well expressed in the N. Y. "Path" just cited on this subject, "A
pledge once taken, is for ever binding in both the moral and the
occult worlds. If we break it once and are punished, that does not
justify us in breaking it again, and so long as we do, so long will
the mighty lever of the Law (of Karma) react upon us." (The Path,
July, 1889.)

Again HPB is here quoting from Julia's own words from her article
titled: "Judge the Act: Not the Person: Adepts and Mediums."

So when HPB writes:

"As well said in the Path"


"As well expressed in the N. Y. 'Path'",

she is in fact saying:

as well said and as well expressed by Julia!

Obviously, HPB was aware of Julia' stirring defense of her in this
article and no doubt was also aware that in this same article Julia
gives TWO quotes from the private letters of the said Adept/Master.

More in Part 3



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