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Was HP Blavatsky Aware of this Specific KH Letter???

Jun 17, 2007 10:58 AM
by danielhcaldwell

I wrote:

"This specific KH letter dates from 1888-1889-1890 when H.P.
Blavatsky was STILL alive."

Jake replied:

" Well, She [H.P. Blavatsky] couldn't keep track of Everything.
Punch in on google KH, chohan, or the like and see how many psychics
are getting all sorts of phoney messages. If you look hard enough,
you will even be able to pick out a few sentences that seem like
they are genuine. (I could write a few sentences that seem genuine
myself! There are 10s of thousands of false purported teacher-

Was I suggesting that HPB had to keep track of EVERYTHING?

I have no idea what Jake is trying to say or convey or prove when he
brings up Google and all of the "10s of thousands of false purported

How does this Google example in 2006 compare to the specific
situation of 1889 and 1890????

What conclusion does Jake want us to draw from his Google example?

If anything, the SPECIFIC question to answer would be:

Was H.P. Blavatsky reading THE PATH magazine?

During 1889 and 1890, there are at least four PATH articles in which
Julia quotes from the specific KH letter under discussion.

Did H.P. Blavatsky read any of these articles?

I suggest that if HPB read even one of the articles, she would have
become aware that Julia had excerpts from this unpublished
Mahatma letter/manuscript that Jake thinks is phoney?

In my next email I will produce some interesting facts some of which
I only discovered in the last 15 minutes!!

Thanks Jake for encouraging me to dig and do some additional



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