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Re: Theos-World That "phoney" KH Letter in ES - V

Jun 17, 2007 07:09 AM
by adelasie

May I humbly interject:

Of what use is it to endlessly debate whether this or that 
communication is genuine? Who among us is qualified to judge? And 
what difference does it make anyway? As students of theosophy we 
stand before the great mystery. We seek to understand. The way is 
pointed out to us, live according to your highest ideals. Practice 
brotherhood, altruism. Volumes of information is available to us, a 
great outpouring of information from within the source of wisdom for 
humanity. It comes from within US, if we only realize that we are so 
much more than we seem to be. We have a tremendous opportunity to 
help humanity transform itself, evolve, to a higher degree of 
consciousness of who and what we are and why we are here. We have the 
opportunity to bring to light the consciousness that life is not just 
material gain and selfish egotism. The Masters have given us clues 
and suggestions how to proceed. If a student tries to imagine the 
Master as a perfect shining being within his own being, and tries to 
live up to that beautiful vision, what is the harm? It is quite 
possible that that student is going to generate a positive energy 
that will help us all. I'm not so sure about the endless intellectual 
debate about what is genuine and what is not. Try it out. If you like 
it, use it. If you don't, go on to something else and leave it for 
the next to try. None of us is qualified to decide what another 
student needs to study. All we have to do is focus on our own process 
and allow others to do the same.


On 17 Jun 2007 at 12:22, proto37 wrote:

> That "Phoney" KH letter in ES Instruction V
>     There was some discussion on this 
> before, and I had a few more bits of 
> information come to light.  The quotes 
> in question are on p. 696 BCW XII:
>     "....And so with regard to concentration 
> the Blessed Master Koot Hoomi .'. writes:  
> 'Your best method is to concentrate on 
> the Master as a Living Man within you.  
> Make His image in your heart, and a focus 
> of concentration, so as to lose all sense 
> of bodily existence in the one thought."
>  ... and some following paragraphs.
>    I think this is a phoney mahatma 
> communication, 


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