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Re: Rejection of K.H.'s Letter about God

Jun 17, 2007 04:00 AM
by Sveinn Freyr

Daniel -

I have tried to formulate my thoughts in words but I can not
make myself clear on this matter without referring to our existence
and to the Adept groups in The Monad Wheel.

English is also a difficult language for this subject.

Please do not take my comment on letter "No. 88" as criticism
towards you. I respect you and your work.


Sveinn Freyr

~~~~~~~~~Your letter:~~~~~~~~
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 04:51:44

Sveinn Freyr,

You wrote some time ago on Theos-Talk:

This controversial letter "No. 88"? Is by my
opinion not a letter written by an adept. It is a note scrap
that should not have been issued and designated
to master K.H. This scrap note has done much harm.

I am interested to know your thinking on WHY this letter "has done
much harm".

Personally I have studied this letter NO. 88 [in the Chronological
edition of The Mahatma Letters] in great detail and
have compared it to other RELEVANT letters in the Mahatma Letters as
well as to what one can find in HPB's THE SECRET DOCTRINE and HPB's
other writings.

You state that it was NOT written by an adept, the Master KH. I see
no good reason for coming to the conclusion you make above.

What am I not understanding properly or not taking into account??
...................     .....................

Of course, each student and reader will have to determine if Letter
No. 88 is from an adept or not, but it appears that the subject
matter is consistent as one goes from one Mahatma Letter to another
and as one then compares what is said on the same topic for example

More could be written but I stop here.

Hope some of this helps.


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