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Can we not ?

Jun 16, 2007 09:38 AM
by Sveinn Freyr

List members -

According to Gautama Buddha stated in the book:
"Some Sayings of The Buddha" -   This text is written:

"Now at that time there were sixty-one Arahants in the world."

Can we not a few centuries later give Jesus, Apollonius, and Simon
Magus a place among them?

Take a look at this text written by Blavatsky:

"Apollonius, a contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth, was, like him, an
enthusiastic founder of a new spiritual school.  Perhaps less
metaphysical and more practical than Jesus, less tender and perfect in
his nature, he nevertheless inculcated the same quintessence of
spirituality, and the same high moral truths.  His great mistake was
to confine them too closely to the higher classes of society.  While
to the poor and the humble Jesus preached Peace on earth and good
will to men, Apollonius was the friend of kings, and moved with the
aristocracy.  He was born among the latter, and himself a man of
wealth, while the Son of man, representing the people, had not
where to lay his head; nevertheless, the two miracle-workers
exhibited striking similarity of purpose. ...

Still earlier than Apollonius had appeared Simon Magus, called the
great Power of God.  His miracles are both more wonderful, more
varied, and better attested than those either of the apostles or of
the Galilean philosopher himself." ...


Sveinn Freyr

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