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Fulfilled Judge Prediction

Jun 16, 2007 06:47 AM
by proto37

Fulfilled Prophecy by Judge 

     The following para is by Judge in 
his "The Path's Fifth Year"  (Path, April, 
1890) on the magazine going into its fifth 
year, and contains a prediction of what 
would happen during the 10th year of The Path.

   "....The year just closed has been a 
pleasant one, revealing new earnest 
hearts and willing hands.  Let us press 
forward with new energy in the work of 
the next four years, for when the second 
fifth is reached an important era for 
theosophists and the world will be at 
hand, when the result of again being 
weighed in the balance of events will 
be more serious than it is now."

      Judge should have said "next five 
years" instead of "four years," but his 
prediction turned out true during the 
10th and last volume of The Path.  During 
Vol. 10, no. 1, (April, 1895) the American 
Theosophists by a vote of 190 to 9 at 
the Boston convention withdrew from the 
Adyar Society, and became an independent 
Society (along with much of Europe, and 
many Australians).   During the last 
number of The Path, Vol. 10, no. 12, 
March 1896, Judge passed away on March 21st.  
The Path really created the Theosophical 
Movement in America, or provided the catalyst.  
With its inception in April, 1886, there 
were only half-dozen or so Lodges in the U.S.  
Only four years later there were 34 Lodges.


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