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Theos-World Re: Master Koot Hoomi on God

Jun 15, 2007 04:08 PM
by proto37

   Interesting!  Of Course HPB did call one of her magazines
"Lucifer," but it is very adolescent of the Satanists to have to call
themselves such, just to throw it in the face of Christians. (and of
course they are disgusting.....)

          - jake j.

--- In, Drpsionic@... wrote:
> HPB was right about Satan being an invention, of course, as usual. 
Satan is a thoughtform, like Jesus and Mary, and as such does exist
simply because of all the energy that has been put into it.  The idea
of satanists being people who dress up and do ceremonies for sexual
gratification made fun 19th century literature, such groups existed
actually into the 80s, but now are pretty much defunct because there
is no need to justify having fun any more.  One merely goes to the
local BDSM club and does it.
> Contemporary Satanists fall under a number catagories, leaving aside
the adolescents who are just playing at it to shock the parents and
who do most of the disgusting and embarrassing stuff that drives real
Satanists to distraction.  The most common ones are LaVeyan,
followers of the writings of Anton LaVey, who agreed with  Blavatsky
and always spoke very highly of her, so I am told by those who knew
him. The next largest group are the Sethians, (Temple of Set) which
are a break-away from the LaVeyans, who would argue the opposite point
of view, that Satan is a pre-existent being.  I have a particular
fondness for the Sethians as they have incorporated some of my work
into their rituals (in fact one of their groups made one of my books
required reading back in the early 90s) though I tend to agree more
with the LaVeyan camp.
> There are a number of other groups which have their own devilology
but most follow the ideas of one of the larger groups with a few
modifications.  None of them are into suicide, mass or otherwise. 
But they are most certainly NOT delusional in that their operations do
bring results, which is exactly what they are after.
> Now, as to why anyone would go to all that trouble to worship a
thoughtform that they KNOW is a thoughtform is a mystery to me, but
the religious impulse is by definition irrational and people respond
to it in all manner of ways.
> Personally, I've always viewed Jonestown as just another interesting
manifestion of eugenics at work.
> Chuck the Heretic
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> Perhaps you need to tell me what a Satanist is. The Jones Town
massacre to me is satanic in nature. I am not referring to the
cliche'd satanists who dress up and do psuedo ritual ceremonies in
order to justify sexual gratification. As HPB has said Satan was an
invention so if there is such a thing as a satanist one must also say
they are delusional.
> Cass

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