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Re: [Mind and Brain] To Leon Maurer & Everyone: Where does consciousness begin in the universe?

Jun 10, 2007 05:10 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 6/7/07 9:32:36 PM, writes:

> Thought I might make it a little easier.
>   Cass
>    Leon, you refer to SPACE are you referring to dark matter or dark energy?
According to my ABC model, dark matter is just like light matter only 
spinning on different angles of fundamental SPACE than our visible matter.   Thus 
they are invisible to us.   Actually all matter is mass-energy as Einstein 
pointed out (E=mc^2)... And SPACE is the fundamental origin, container, and 
essential ground (at the zero-point, which is everywhere) of both light and dark 
matter.   See 3-D diagram at:
Dark matter involves on the y and x axis (dotted lines) while light matter is 
on the z axis (color)   And "c" of the mass-energy equation refers to the 
speed of the fundamental radiant energy of each form of matter (two dark and one 
light) -- which, incidentally, also accounts for the extra repulsive force of 
gravity which keeps the universal expansion accelerating -- as the 
cosmologists are observing.   
>    Big Bang = a new manvantara?
Yes, but in my ABC theory I'm speaking only of the awakening of the entire 
cosmos, as also described in the Book of Dzyan.   There are also little Big 
Bangs, when a black hole (quasar) radiates into a Galaxy or a new born Star 
system.   The awakening referring to the Sun, which also starts at a relatively 
small big bang that analogously radiates and involves fractally, like 
cosmogenesis, is the cycle that concerns the rounds and races of the Earth Globe cycles.   
When the Earth ends each Round, it transforms from a minor manvantara into 
minor pralaya, which could be like a day and night in a Solar life cycle.

>   While in Pralaya the godhead, consciously, sub-consciously or 
> un-consciously desires or wills to manifest itself.\
Yes, just about the same way your consciousness wakes you up after a nights 
sleep, or wills you to an incarnation in each new life. 

>    From a dimensionless state the godhead produces (10) planes of existence 
> as it involutes.  From fine to gross. From vibrations on the higher planes 
> to atoms on the lower planes.  
Actually, the planes can be 10, 12, 14, etc., depending on how far down the 
chain of involutions you go.   In the cosmogenesis ABC talks about, the planes 
are the horizontal levels of each fractally descending globes as they descend 
from outer to inner fields in three fractal involutions starting from the 
surrounding Mother field.   As the 2 initial inner fields transform into the 8 
final inner fields they become more and more dense (lower orders of frequency 
energy) until it reaches the lowest (4th) plane of our electromagnetic spectrum, 
of which visible light is a small section between radio waves and gamma 
> I understand that it is not linear in terms of planes but I use it as 
> linear to be able to comprehend the idea.   In so doing, godhead, differentiates 
> into a zero point of consciousness in the planes it has just or self-created? 
Yes, the 10 planes you speak of, as HPB points out, are purely symbolic, as 
is the symbolic diagram of the fractally involved globes that is drawn in 3D on 
a 2D surface but describes a multidimensional reality that this only a 
cross-section of the actual space -- which can't be pictured on a 2D surface -- like 
a 3-D cube is a cross-section of a 4-D tesseract which can only be shown in 
linear diagram but can't be visualized as it actually is.   See:

As for the godhead differentiating into separate consciousness in each 
plane... That is because, as the fields involve, they each cross over through the 
zero- points in their centers and between the descending poles of each globe.   
Eventually all of space is pervaded with these initial supersymmetry fields re
flected analogously in the minutest fields in the Planck vacuum between the 
fundamental particles.   Thus universal consciousness also fractalizes and 
replicates itself reflectively everywhere throughout the cosmos... One zero-point 
of which, at the center of our aura fields in the naval chakra, represents our 
individualized higher self -- which is entangled with every other zero-point 
of mind-memory-thought, as well as cellular sensory consciousness throughout 
the body.   See:

>   (Third fractal involution? Is that because it is part of the higher triad 
> that is beyond our comprehension?
No.   The higher triad is the initial outer field plus its twin inner fractal 
fields, as pictured in the Universal chakrafield diagram.
This represents the Cosmic triad as well as our individual monad.   We might 
also consider this on the cosmic level as the first Logos (1+2 fields)... With 
the next fractal involution being the second Logos (1+2+4 fields) -- and last 
involution, the third Logos (1+2+4+8 fields).   This, incidentally, 
corresponds to the formula of cosmogenesis in the Book of Dzyan, "The 3. the 1, the 4. 
the 1, the 5, the twice 7, the sum total."

>   So are we talking about a point of consciousness on every plane or are 
> you saying that, e.g. if looking at it as if it was a ringed tunnel the various 
> rings representing the various planes then one can see that this zero point 
> of consciousness will be at the centre of all planes, emanating from this key 
> central point of consciousness.  Of course this tunnel has no sides, it is 
> immeasurable space, it is to our way of thinking – eternity and eternal 
> boundlessness or infinite consciousness with a zero point at the centre of the 
> circle.  Here I think HPB brings in coadunate but not consubstantial?
Yes, you're getting close to describing what really can't be described in word
s or pictures.   In the Aura diagram, all our seven fold centers of 
consciousness are located at the 7 chakra points between the 8 inner fields.   Remember 
that all these fields are woven out of one single ray of primal force 
emanating from the central point of individual self consciousness -- which is 
analogous on both the cosmic and the human plane.   Thus, the microcosm is the mirror 
of the macrocosm and, as above, so below.

>   So thinking of myself, my consciousness in part and parcel of the great 
> zero point. I manifest this point through the “matter” of the physical plane, 
> which gives me my visual and aural perceptive consciousness.  And like the 
> godhead, my point of consciousness emanates from a centre and travels outward 
> through my auras which may be composed of strings or qualia which carries 
> this consciousness.
>   Every organ, every muscle, every anything physical has a “consciousness” 
> or “intelligence” which accounts for sentient existence, as we know it.
>   When you say fractally involved co-energetic fields are you referring to a 
> continuous circular outward movement through the various co-energetic fields 
> (or planes) as in my tunnel analogy?
>   Is Qualia – strings of consciousness?
No, "qualia" is the "experience of consciousness" -- such as the smell of a 
rose, or the feel of a pain, or the taste of honey, or an image we see in the 
mind, etc.   And, consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, etc.) is NOT the 
chakra or aura fields or the rays (strings) of primal G-force energy that weave 
them... But, IS the characteristics, qualities and functions of the zero-point 
of primal SPACE at the center and poles of every fractally involved coadunate 
but not consubstantial field of matter.   Those zero-points on our physical 
level are still spherical, however -- yet their radii are so small, in the range 
of the Planck distance in the quantum vacuum, as to be entirely undetectible.  

It should be remembered, that fundamental metaphysical SPACE underlying all 
physical space is infinitely divisible -- while physical space can only be 
finitely divisible relative to the highest order monadic fields surrounding any 
compound form or body. Therefore, its the center point of origination of the 
triune monadic field in absolute ground SPACE that is eternally conscious.   This 
would account for consciousness after death of the physical body and its 
intermediate lower order fields.

Therefore, the only relationship the aura fields have with consciousness is 
that they carry on their surfaces, the holographic wave interference or 
modulated patterns of information that represent the vibrational images of 
consciousness we experience as qualia -- either as visual and aural images in the mind 
or memory or as direct physical sense impressions.

Thus, with respect our visual sense, the field of mind carries the image of 
the objective world that is reflected on the retinas of our eyes, processed by 
the brain, transformed, and transmitted by the mind's EM field through the 
coenergetic electrodynamic mind field -- which we detect as a higher 
frequency-energy order "inner light" holographic image, by means of learned subconscious 
willful projecting of a coherent laser beam of corresponding light from the 
spinergy circling our zero-point of visual consciousness, located in the exact 
center of our head behind the eyes and between the ears.   This image is then 
reflected back to and focused on that zero-point center of visual consciousness 
where its demodulated vibrational pressures are experienced as holistic qualia 
in full color, motion and depth perception. 

As a tip to comprehend all this... Imagine a single ray of light reflected 
from a single pixel on a TV screen, as it enters both eyes and is focussed on a 
corresponding rod or cone in each eye...   And, follow their tracks as they 
pass through the optic nerve, as electrochemical vibrations, to each brain 
hemisphere... There, to be processed in the dual visual cortex sectors into their 
radiant electromagnetic fields, that in turn, transforms by inductive resonance 
to the higher order "coadunate but not consubstantial" mind field -- where,   
due to the different phase angles of the light in each eye, the dual 
vibrations form an interference pattern -- which is the root of the detected hologram 
when the projected inner light from the "spinergy" center of origin of the 
mind field is projected outward and reflected back to that zero-point ... This 
recreates the holographic image of that pattern and transforms it into a quale 
or perceptive experience in our zero-point of consciousness (directly behind 
the eyes and in the center of the brain field) -- which appears (if we follow 
the line of inward reflection out to its apparent source) as if that inner light 
image point were out there on the surface of the TV screen.   It's as simple 
as that.   God doesn't fool around. ;-) 

Be happy to answer any more questions you may have.

Best regards,

> wrote:
>           John,
> It all depends on what you mean by consciousness. Are you talking about
> pure perceptive awareness and willful intent that we experience when awake 
> or
> while dreaming? Or, do mean the sense of self as separate from all other
> beings? Or, do you mean the opposite of unconscious, knocked out, drugged, 
> or
> anesthetized?
> If the first -- in my view, potential consciousness along with potential
> matter is a fundamental aspect of absolute or ground SPACE that is the 
> primal base
> of all phenomenal existence. Therefore, upon initial manifestation of the
> cosmos from the "singularity" of Absolute SPACE at the moment of the big 
> bang
> -- which its awakened "will" initiates -- consciousness arises 
> simultaneously
> and codependent with the initial fractally involved fields of matter as the
> universe continues to fractally involve and spherically inflate. After full
> inflation and breaking of symmetry of the physical plane at the third 
> fractal
> involution, the zero-point centers of consciousness become spread everywhere 
> in
> the Planck vacuum at the zero-point energy field centers and poles of all
> fundamental particles, as well as all the atoms, molecules, cells, and 
> organisms
> they are parts of. Thus, consciousness is spread everywhere throughout the
> entire universe within all matter that, essentially, is nothing more than
> absolute dimensionless ground space in various modes of vibratory motion.
> This is the source of the visual and aural perceptive consciousness located
> in the exact center of our head, and the self consciousness that apparently 
> is
> located at the center of the body aura fields in the naval chakra. It also
> accounts for all the cellular consciousness throughout the body at the
> zero-point centers of their analogous fractally involved coenergetic fields 
> -- which
> accounts for remotely localized touch on the skin, smell in the nose, taste 
> on
> the tongue, pain in a stubbed toe or pin prick on a finger tip, etc.
> In this view, all sentient beings have the same type of perceptive
> consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, etc.) as us humans... Although, in 
> many cases,
> far more sensitive. I'm also pretty sure that many animals are not only self
> conscious but can think causatively, and subconsciously calculate 
> graphically
> and holistically from both instinctive and conditioned (learned) memory.
> Therefore, they have logical minds, although below the level of conscious
> rationality. How else would a lion recognize its own pride, and be able to 
> hunt
> selective prey with calculated discrimination and anticipatory tactics -- 
> far
> better, in some cases, than a human can. (Although they can't play the same
> sneaky tricks.:-)
> Warm regards,
> Leon
> In a message dated 6/6/07 8:31:45 PM, writes:
> > To Leon Maurer  Everyone: Where does consciousness begin in the
> > universe
> > Leon, I hope that I am more or less correct in my
> > understanding of all that you write about in this forum, which is that,
> > in my way of saying it, the starting point for everything, that great
> > unknown, so-called, that everything must rest in in order to come into
> > existence throughout the cosmos, such as the scientific Big Bang, all
> > other Big Bangs, and all related ideas such as the Multiverse, Absolute
> > Space, and so on with all of the different ways that you, and everyone
> > else here, describe the different levels, planes, fields, infinite
> > universes, and so on about how it all works, is that it all rests in,
> > emanates out of, begins, exists, evolves, goes back into, and so on, to
> > the source of all levels of cosmic activity and action -- which you say
> > is CONSCIOUSNESS. . I won't personally be repying to anyone, but I would
> > like to get as many views as possible from Leon and everyone else about
> > this -- meaning views on whether consciousness at every level that we
> > know about, in all the kingdoms, with thinking self-consciousness being
> > at the top of them all, comes from UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS that is the
> > source and guidance and memory of everything, or not? -- or does
> > self-consciousness evolve, little by little, out of the lowest forms in
> > all the kingdoms that we know of on our planet, on other planets, in our
> > galaxy, in all other galaxies, in all the invisible levels and planes
> > that we know about, and in all others that we probably don't know about
> > yet? . Leon, in advance, I want to most sincerely thank you, and
> > everyone else who offer their views. . Compiler (John DeSantis) .

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