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Re What happens after death?

Jun 10, 2007 03:48 PM
by proto37

Re: What happens after death?

   There is an excellent movie about 20 
years old called "Flatliners" - about medical 
students who medically induce temporary death.  
Very interesting, and also I think has  
a great deal of truth in it - they all 
have to deal with people who they had 
seriously wronged during life - and end 
up looking the people up to make things 
right - sort of like the sit-com "Earl" 
popular now.

    Another one I think is based on 
truth, in premature deaths - is Ambrose 
Bierce's story "Incident at Owl Creek," 
and also at least one other of his 
civil war stories.  Guys who get killed 
in battle, don't know they are dead.  
I wonder how many are walking around 
hospitals like this.  There's a difference 
between "shells" and premature deaths, 
or suicides. Much in the Mahatma Letters 
on this.

    People say that they have died, came 
back, and know what happen when they die.  
But if you are a real skeptic and don't 
have any reliable intuitions about it - 
I guess one would discard all this information.  
People as a rule aren't liars about 
what they went through, ya know...  
People's whos bodies have been ruined 
and which are no longer an adequate 
vehicle, like hospital veggies or even 
severe Alzheimer's - I think are DEAD too 
- the real them has left. (although they 
sometimes come back.)  Some leave because 
of an intolerable life, and are called 
the incurably insane, or else.  The body
still walks, talks, and makes reasonable

    Why in the world would any one or 
Theosophy strive to be "inclusive."  
"Our doctrine... being the only true one."  
Yeah.... and it is the only true one!  
The Dali Lama says the say thing for 
good reason.  If you can understand 
them... but they cannot understand 
YOU - that is a good indication of 
a superior position. There HAS to be 
one system of thought that is the most 
explainatory and true in description, 
its a logical necessity.  If there 
is a good car mechanic, and a poor 
one - you don't be "inclusive" and 
claim the poor one is just as valuable 
as the good one.

     - jake

>Re: Theos-World Conflicting Claims & Beliefs: What happens after death?

>The answer is simple.  We don't know and as of now we have no
reliable way of
knowing, so one version is as good as the next and we pick and choose
what suits
us at the moment.

>Chuck the Heretic

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