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tolerance and exclusivity

Jun 10, 2007 12:31 PM
by Drpsionic

The fact is that any perceived spiritual "truth" will, by its nature, exclude all conflicting ideas.  Therefore inclusivity is a practical impossiblity the moment one assumes that such a truth has been discovered.  It is foolish to expect folks who really believe something to be truly inclusive.  It just will not work.  The fact is that, leaving aside the lunatic ravings of the chohan, Blavatsky probably did not have inclusive fat cell in her body.

Tolerance is a necessity for civil peace.  We have the choice of being tolerant of everyone who is wrong, which means of course everyone but me :), or blowing each other up in the streets, which, while good noisy fun on occasion, is not conducive to either a healthy lifestyle or keeping the economy running.  (And as contemporary Theosophists are pretty bad at assassination it would put us at a very real tactical disadvantage in the battlefield of ideas.)  It's sort of like if I had a neighbor who was devout christian.  He and I may get along, even be friends, but deep down inside he knows that I am going to Hell and I know that he is going to, like his Savior, reincarnate as a cockroach for the next hundred cycles.  But in spite of those realities, which are obvious to each of us, we get along because it would be simply too unpleasant not to.

Chuck the Heretic 

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