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How tolerant & inclusive are these 3 quotes???

Jun 10, 2007 11:25 AM
by danielhcaldwell

How tolerant & inclusive 
are the following 3 quotes??? 

K.H. writes:

...Our doctrine knows no compromises. It either affirms or denies, 
for it never teaches but that which it knows to be the 
truth....Having found Gnosis we cannot turn our backs on it and 
become agnostics. . . . Were we to admit that even the highest Dyan 
Chohans are liable to err under a delusion, then there would be no 
reality for us indeed and the occult sciences would be as great a 
chimera as that God....

K.H. writes:

---------------------------------------------------------------- but such an initiate can know anything of these secrets....

Morya dictated the following to HPB:

...What have we, the disciples of the true Arhats, of esoteric 
Buddhism and of Sang-gyas to do with the Shasters and Orthodox 
Brahmanism? There are 100 of thousands of Fakirs, Sannyasis and 
Saddhus leading the most pure lives, and yet being as they are, on 
the path of error, never having had an opportunity to meet, see or 
even hear of us. Their forefathers have driven away the followers of 
the only true philosophy upon earth away from India and now, it is 
not for the latter to come to them but to them to come to us if they 
want us. Which of them is ready to become a Buddhist, a Nastika as 
they call us? None. Those who have believed and followed us have had 
their reward. Mr. Sinnett and Hume are exceptions. Their beliefs are 
no barrier to us for they have none. They may have had influences 
around them, bad magnetic emanations the result of drink, Society and 
promiscuous physical associations (resulting even from shaking hands 
with impure men) but all this is physical and material impediments 
which with a little effort we could counteract and even clear away 
without much detriment to ourselves. Not so with the magnetism and 
invisible results proceeding from erroneous and sincere beliefs. 
Faith in the Gods and God, and other superstitions attracts millions 
of foreign influences, living entities and powerful agents around 
them, with which we would have to use more than ordinary exercise of 
power to drive them away. We do not choose to do so. We do not find 
it either necessary or profitable to lose our time waging war to the 
unprogressed Planetaries who delight in personating gods and 
sometimes well known characters who have lived on earth....


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