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Re: [Mind and Brain] dark energy as consciousness

Jun 04, 2007 07:55 PM
by leonmaurer


Thanks for your acceptance that my ABC theory might make sense 
scientifically.   But, I think you still have some misconceptions about what I mean by 
"consciousness," where it lies, and from what it is a subjective property of, as 
well as the difference between perceptive consciousness and the information of 
consciousness that triggers such perception.   

By consciousness, I mean both subjective awareness and will.   

Awareness covers the experience of consciousness or qualia and also the 
feeling of self identity.   

Will, based on intent or desire, is the ability to direct one's intention to 
a particular point of sense experience, as well as to a particular location in 
3-d space or an image in the mind or memory.   It also acts as the 
subconscious trigger to generate the neural energies so as to initiate the remote action 
of muscles that are holographically (through magnetic inductive resonance 
entanglement processes between holographic images in coadunate electrodynamic 
fields) controlling the positioning of the body with relation to the visual 
holographic images in the mind and memory fields transformed through the EM 
brainwave field.    

Will is empowered by the ZPE or the "spinergy" (infinite angular momentum)   
surrounding every zero-point of consciousness -- that is also the source of 
empowerment of each neuron in the brain-body's neural network. The brain then 
serves as the transponder and switching and control system for this entire 
sensory and mind-memory linked, and hard wire muscle linked, holographic 
information transmission system guided by perceptive awareness and will acting in 
conjunction with intuitive thought.   

Therefore, consciousness, being an a priori function of absolute pre cosmic 
ground SPACE, is always fully available for subjective experience whether we 
are awake or dreaming, or whether or not we are attentive to it.   It continues 
to work subconsciously (below or outside our level of perception) when the 
brain is functioning in conjunction with the autonomic life support system or the 
longest term instinctive memories.   Being always passively potential, and 
located outside of all physical matter (including the initial fractally involved 
hyperspace fields) it never sleeps or ceases to exist whether or not it is 
being phenomenally impressed or expressed (i.e., experiencing, observing, 
considering and/or thinking, or actively imagining, doing and/or creating).   

IOW, consciousness is the eternal function and quality of fundamental ground 
SPACE that is located at the zero-point center of the initial fractally 
involved, higher frequency-energy order hyperspace fields that are spread everywhere 
as the "quantum foam" in the "quantum vacuum" or Planck space.   These 
hyperspace fields also surround every relatively stable physical form -- from each 
individual quantum particle, atom, molecule, cell, etc. -- to the most complex 
living (organic) organisms, along with every inorganic form from the dust 
particle to the largest star systems.   It's these fields that permeate all 
physical matter, and that contain all the genetic information respecting every form 
in the cosmos (as interference patterns of infinite spinergy or angular 
momentum surrounding every zero-point entangled everywhere in the Planck vacuum) 
that determines the holographic nature of everything in the universe.   

Therefore, "consciousness" per se (as defined above) is NOT the "information 
of consciousness" that is carried on the surfaces of the mind, and memory 
fields -- that link the brain-body-sensory fields and the non local zero-points of 
consciousness with the central zero-point of individual self awareness 
(located in the Naval chakra).    And, these hyperspace fields are NOT equivalent to 
(although analogous with) the physical fields that are generated by the 
vibrational energies and radiated from every quantum particle, or material form -- 
whether they contain mass or charge or such mass/charge is canceled out by 
reverse spin or reverse angular momentum of the zero-point energy fields that 
empower them.   Such "neutral" particles however are still linked to their 
zero-point of origin through the fractally involved hyperspace ZPE fields that 
empower their standing waves.

So, it's not the zero point that carries the information of consciousness, 
but the fractally involved hyperspace fields of various levels of mind and long 
term memories that surround them and holographically carry such information as 
electrodynamic wave interference patterns on their higher order fundamental 
wave frequency surfaces.   Much like radio waves of megahertz frequencies can 
carry (as either frequency or amplitude modulations) the information of 
kilohertz frequencies, etc.   

However, the frequencies of these hyperspace fields are several orders of 
frequency-energy higher than the electromagnetic frequencies of physical matter 
(EM) fields -- although they are resonantly linked to each other -- like the G 
string on a Bass fiddle is resonantly linked to the higher octave G string on 
a violin.   That's, apparently, how short term memory information carried in 
the brain's EM fields is transformed to the longer lasting higher order mind 
and long term memory fields.   This accounts for the increasing strength, and 
consequent ease of access of kinesthetic memory, as a result of reinforcement 
due to constant repetition or practice -- which enables a musician to play a 
concerto from memory without thinking about it, or an actor to remember lines and 
cues throughout an entire stage play.

To answer your last question... While holographic information would have to 
be carried as wave interference patterns on the surfaces of all fractally 
involved coenergetic fields so as to influence qualia -- the information that 
resonates most closely with the highest order fields closest to the zero-point 
spinergy, would necessarily be retained as long as that spinergy remains 
differentiated from the primal singularity.   Thus, we retain at the zero-point of the 
mind-memory fields -- linked (entangled with) the zero-point center of the 
brain field and all cell-organ fields, and also, directly to our zero-point of 
individual self consciousness -- all archetypal memories that serve our 
instincts and autonomic life support systems.   It follows that our zero-point of self 
consciousness would also contain in its spinergy, the memory of all our past 
lives... That is, if, as it seems, this theory doesn't preclude the 
possibility of reincarnation -- while also giving it and all other possibilities of 
psychic phenomena some degree of credibility.

I hope this answers all your questions, and if you have any more, I would be 
glad to hear them.


In a message dated 5/17/07 8:19:33 AM, writes:

> Leon,
>  My compliments. This is the most coherent explanation of your ABC concept. 
> I have my usual objections regarding the 'infinities'. But those aside, 
> you seem to be  saying that all massive particles possess consciousness. But also 
> that the consciousness is carried by the EM fields radiated by the particles.
>  Would this then apply to neutral particles that do not radiate?
>  Also, holographic info is registered on a surface, yet you seem to 
> attribute it to the zero-point. Could you resolve this apparent contradiction for us?
>  Richard
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> Subject: Re: [Mind and Brain] dark energy as consciousness
> Mark,
> The real question to ask in order to confirm that "energy is motion," is; 
> What moves that causes energy to be expressed as force? 
> According to Einstein, that could only be space itself.  Thus, since the 
> energy contained in any quantum particle is E=mc^2 -- the mass or density of the 
> particle IS the energy which is proportional to its frequency... Therefore, 
> all matter of any objective form is also that "space in motion" -- most 
> likely, at the quantum level, to be a standing wave vibrating at whatever 
> frequency pertains to any particular particle. 
> If so, then all the holographic information pertaining to that particle must 
> be carried by modulations of its fundamental phenomenal energy wave of that 
> "space" in motion and reflected in the noumenal interference patterns in the 
> ZPE's infinite angular momentum or spinergy surrounding its zero-point of 
> origin.  It would appear, then, that all information pertaining to the contents 
> or information of consciousness must also be carried as wave frequency 
> modulations of that same "space in motion" on the surface of whatever 
> electrodynamic field is radiated from any point in space surrounding any material form 
> composed of those particles.
> Since such space has zero-point "singularities" of infinite mass-energy 
> according to general relativity, the perception of that information, in order to 
> be referenced  to and quantitatively discriminated from other motional 
> energies should, apparently, be located at the static zero-point center of the 
> singularity, or at the motionless center of any standing wave of space in motion, 
> or at the center of any radiant magnetic field surrounding any material 
> formation electrodynamically capable of generating such electromagnetic fields.
> Thus, we can conclude that not only is energy fundamental ground space in 
> motion, but also that all substantial matter is caused by the zero-point energy 
> at that zero-point singularity, and that consciousness  (awareness, will, 
> etc.) is the nature of the zero-point itself -- wherever it is in the Planck 
> space between and at the centers of all quantum particles as well as all atoms, 
> molecules and more complex forms of matter made up of them.  Implying that 
> the universe must be a hologram -- where all the information for everything in 
> 3D geometric spacetime, is contained in the initial abstract motion or spin 
> force of the zero-point of the fundamental formless zero-point ground space 
> underlying all the material forms of space. 
> Best wishes,
> Leon Maurer
> In a message dated 4/25/07 8:13:38 PM, writes:
> I agree with the basic proposition that, if energy is really
> anything at all, energy is motion. But really I think the
> simplest plain-English formulation is that 'energy' is the
> conceptual and mathematical _construct_ we use and ascribe in
> order to account for motion. With the energy construct we can
> describe  how motion occurs and how much, including how motion
> of one kind of thing or substance can cause motion of something
> --------ORIGINAL MESSAGE------
> Edgar,
> I agree with the basic proposition that, if energy is really
> anything at all, energy is motion. But really I think the
> simplest plain-English formulation is that 'energy' is the
> conceptual and mathematical _construct_ we use and ascribe in
> order to account for motion. With the energy construct we can
> describe  how motion occurs and how much, including how motion
> of one kind of thing or substance can cause motion of something
> else. Potential energy is simply the promise or expectation of
> motion that may or will occur if the situation being described
> is disturbed or triggered into a change.
> Your description of another way to account the potential energy
> of something suspended above the Earth looks to me more like a
> way of explaining force and acceleration.
> Regards
> Mark Peaty  CDES
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