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Important new book "en Espanol"

Jun 01, 2007 07:18 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Important new book "en espanol" 

    The book is "H.P. Blavatsky: Alumnos, 
Amigos-Enemies," Blavatsky Editorial 
A.C. (Ma. Enriqueta Camarillo de Pereyra, 
No. 45, Santa Maria la Ribera, Mexico, 
D.F. 06400, MEXICO 
8-1/2 x 11, 900 pp., paperback, 2006, 
Translations by Jose Ramon Sordo, profusely 

     The title in English would be "H.P. 
Blavatsky: Students, Friends-Enemies."  
A Spainish dictionary is one I don't have 
or lost, but this is a monumental new 
publication in Spanish.  On the cover 
appears "Palabras de HPB a William Q. 
Judge, The Judge Case: A conspiracy Which 
Ruined the Theosophical CAUSE, Edmonton 
Theosophical Society, Canada, por Ernest 
Pelletier....) - So I assume Pelletier's 
"Judge Case" is a major source.  
The book is largely composed of 
contemporary commentary and biographies 
of 42 of early Theosophical figures (160 
pp. to Judge.)  I don't think there is
any thing along biographical lines similar
to this in English, or as comprehensive.

Any one who has read Jose Ramon 
Sordo's writings in English will 
know that with his understanding of Theosophy, 
he is an ideal person as a translator. 
How much of the material is "new" or
translation I can't say.  There are 
also hundred of illustrations, 
old photos, etc. It is an attractive 
publication, and even with the 900pp, not
too big to be difficult for reading.

     Blavatsky Editorial is in association 
with Fundacio Blavatsky in Mexico, I 
believe, perhaps its publishing arm.  
Fundacion Blavatsky has an impressive 
website at:


    Perhaps someone who is Spainish-English 
bilingual can give a better description 
of this book than I can.

    Among Spanish-speaking people would 
seem to be a good place to work now 
theosophically.  With the growing Spanish 
population in the US and Mexico, it seems 
obvious that they are on an upward cycle 
as a sub-racial group, and we're informed 
in the literature that it is best to work 
With Nature's cycles and take advantage 
of them.

       - jake jaqua



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