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Re: [jcs-online] Re: Molecular Memory, Calcium, Consciousness

Apr 29, 2007 11:28 PM
by leonmaurer

> In a message dated 4/16/07 3:28:42 AM, writes:
> Alfredo - I highly appreciate your effort to bridge ancient esoteric and 
> mystical knowledge with contemporary science, but it is hard for me to 
> understand how a spatial point not filled with any matter could have energy and then 
> create all things that exist, including consciousness.
[LM] Since there must be an absolute father-mother ground SPACE that 
underlies the "singularity" out of which this entire cosmos appears, apparently out of 
nothing, at the big bang... That apparent "nothing" must actually be 
"something" that contains all the angular momentum or G-force representing the 
compression down to a zero-point (in absolute terms relative to our metric) of all 
the mass-energy of the ultimate manifest universe -- including both light and 
dark matter-energy, along with both attractive and repulsive gravity.   I'm sure 
this is why the Buddha said, "Nothing can come from nothing" and that, (since 
the apparently empty ground space must be all inclusive) "Both consciousness 
and matter are dependently arising." It's that angular momentum or "spinergy" 
that is the source of the big bang at the primal beginning of this cycle of 
universal manifestation. It is also the noumenal source of all physical matter 
as we know it, that appears (apparently, as a Bose-Einstein condensate) at the 
fourth fractally involved iteration after the third Logos of the initial 
inflation, and ultimately precipitates into quantum particles after the breaking of 

The only way that could occur, coming out of an apparent zero-point of no 
linear diameter, would be if that initial G-force, consisting of all the 
mass-energy of that potential universe, was, in effect; The continuous spin of that 
infinitely dense, yet dimensionless ground SPACE around and through that 
zero-point "singularity," on a three cycle spirally vortical Mobius path* in both 
clockwise and counter clockwise directions, on at least three perpendicular axes, 
at near infinite velocity ... With one polar axis (z) representing the 
noumena of the subsequent spherical "light" mass-energy fields, (our physical 
matter) and the other two perpendicular axes (x - y) possibly representing the 
spherical "dark" mass-energy fields -- which seems to agree with the observation 
that "dark matter" and "dark energies" are at least double the mass of the light 
matter-energies -- which also accounts for the continued acceleration of 
universal expansion, due to their repulsive gravitational (G-) force overpowering 
the attractive G-force of light matter.   

All this is also clearly in accord with the general theory of relativity that 
predicts just such a massive "singularity" at the primal beginning -- whose 
primary G-force is the source of both attractive and repulsive gravity that 
becomes relatively weak (locally, with reference to the concentrated forces of 
physical nature) as it becomes spread thinly out to the furthest spherical 
limits of metric space-time.

> > Alfredo - If the zero point is related to gravitation, how does it
> > interact with electromagnetic fields? Would Penrose-Hameroff OR
> > theory help with this issue?
> [Leon] The gravitational field does not interact with the electromagnetic
> fields, since they exist on different dimensions of hyper and metric spatial
> reality. Gravity, being the one overall force that, on the light 
> matter-energy
> aspect of primal (ground) SPACE, holds everything together attractively, and 
> on
> the dark matter-energy aspect (reverse spin fields) causes continuous
> expansion repulsively.
> As for Orch-OR theory, I can't see how this has anything to do with anything
> more than the neural correlates of consciousness, and has no explanatory 
> value
> in explaining the nature of consciousness or its holographic wave
> interference patterned memory and sensory image information transformational 
> processes...
> That ABC thoroughly explains in terms of pure, fractally involved 
> coenergetic
> (electrodynamic) fields that are coadunate but not consubstantial throughout
> all of fundamental "mother" SPACE -- that is the essential underlying 
> support
> of our fourth generation physical (metric) space-time continuum.
> > Alfredo - Your concept of space seems to derive from general
> > relativity. In this case spacetime is (according to John Earman)
> > like an "arena" for physical phenomena to occur. However, it has
> > causal powers only on moving bodies. How could the zero point have a
> > causal efect on the brain's EM waves?
> >
> [Leon] It's not the zero-point (i.e., absolute SPACE or pure consciousness)
> itself that has any causal influence on the hyperspace fields of mind and
> memory that are coenergetic (inductively resonant) with the brain's EM field 
> -- but
> the surrounding spinergy or G-force of that point in metric space that
> causatively regenerates the holographic wave interference patterns that we 
> perceive at the zero-point of awareness. This causative force is released by 
> the
> intent of will which is also a fundamental quality of the absolute 
> zero-point at
> the center of the metric zero-point in our configuration space. It is only
> this later "metric" space that "general relativity" is concerned with.
> Alfredo - Thanks for the clarification of your theory! This paragraph 
> explains most of my doubts.
> > Alfredo - We surely have a hand in creating global warming, but how
> > could we be involved in processes that happened before we existed?
> [Leon] Yes, if you only consider us to exist only in this individual body
> that our eternal consciousness (being a fundamental aspect of primal mother
> SPACE) currently inhabits ("in accord with the laws of karma," as the 
> Buddhists or
> Hindus might say :-).
> However, ABC considers that all zero-point centers of consciousness are
> eternal. Therefore, since "I AM" can only be ascribed to our individual
> consciousness -- we were all there at the primal beginning -- when all 
> individual
> consciousness was one with the cosmic consciousness.
> Since it was this cosmic consciousness that initiated the "big bang," some 
> of
> us could very well have had a hand in it... Even though most of us were not
> yet aware of our true individual "I AM" identity -- which is certainly not 
> the
> temporary, short lived named brain-body that everyone else can see and
> interact with -- without knowing our true selves... Except, entirely 
> intuitively, if
> ever.
> How can this not be -- since the zero-point of fundamental space, whose dual
> nature is both subjective and objective (i.e., consciousness or spirit, and
> matter or spinergy) is located everywhere in our configuration space?
> Alfredo - Thank you again! I am still skeptical, but recognize that you made 
> a good job explaining your theory to me.
I appreciate your skepticism -- which I have always kept at the forefront of 
my thinking on this subject -- since the fundamental theory is unfalsifiable 
by normal scientific means of objective experimental evidence.   However, the 
logic of this approach is so reasonable, and since it retrodicts from the 
present conditions -- which is impeccably consistent with subjective experience and 
objective reality when examined intuitively from both bottom up deductive and 
top down inductive directions, that my own doubts have been satisfactorily 
assuaged.   I suppose this is the reason that Einstein said, "Imagination is 
more important than knowledge." :-)

Perhaps, someday, we can devise a definitive experiment that can prove the 
reality of these dark fields -- similarly to the Casimir effect that proved the 
existence of sub-quantum zero-point energy (ZPE) fields, and Aspect's 
experiment that proved quantum entanglement... And, possibly also proving that 
particles split on the physical plane still retain their common zero-point center of 
their fractally involved (coadunate but not consubstantial) metaphysical 
fields surrounding the zero-point in the Planck space.   Mightn't this imply, when 
we observe that changing the condition of one separated particle is 
instantaneously mirrored by the other, that the particles could be conscious (aware and 
willful) at their common zero-point center on the highest metaphysical 
(nonmetric) level of Ground SPACE -- which, being inertially timeless, must also be 
independent of the metric space-time continuum?  This explanation could 
certainly account for the instantaneousness of the apparent "action at a distance" 
that Einstein said could not have a physical explanation due to the limitation 
of light speed for the transmission of information between one point and 

Wouldn't, this also imply (1) that the higher order hyperspace fields, which 
vibrate at rates much higher than sidereal light and other EM frequencies, 
would have velocities far faster; (2) that information of consciousness could be 
carried by these fields as holographic wave interference patterns or frequency 
modulated signals; and (3) that such signals could be detected, 
holographically reconstructed, reflected and perceived at a nonlocal conscious zero point 
by will powered projection, directly from its "spinergy," of a coherent 
radiation at those higher order frequencies?   Why, not -- since ordinary matter in 
metric space would be entirely transparent to those frequencies?   Could we 
then imaging that non local consciousness, such as perceiving pain at the end of 
a finger could be attributed to the entanglement of each zero-point of 
absolute SPACE located everywhere throughout the body, with the zero-point of 
individual higher self awareness, probably located at the naval chakra center* of the 
body's highest order surrounding hyperspace field?   

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

> Best Regards,
> Alfredo Pereira Jr.

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