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Re: [Mind and Brain] Re: Incarnation-Reincarnation

Apr 29, 2007 06:58 PM
by leonmaurer

The only possibility that the soul may be "real" from a scientific point of 
view, depends on the truth or falsity of the proposition that consciousness, 
however and wherever it occurs, is a fundamental function of the zero-point of 
absolute ground SPACE that is the primal cause underlying everything in the 
universe -- including individual, phenomenal (creative, causative) human 
consciousness (awareness, will) as well as their objective (receptive) physical 

This is in addition to the further proposition that the entire cosmos is of 
an inherent holographic nature -- i.e., everything is holographically encoded 
(as wave interference patterns) in and reflected from every zero-point 
"spinergy" of ground SPACE spread everywhere throughout configuration space -- which 
zero-points, together, comprise the initial primal "singularity" (seemingly 
like a "Bose-Einstein condensate" -- where every particle is "entangled" so as to 
act as if it were a single particle).   As the Buddhists and occultists say; 
"The universe has its center everywhere and its circumference nowhere." and; 
"As above, so below." or; "The macrocosm is the mirror of the microcosm."

In addition, such a "real" individual "soul" would also require that the 
fields of matter which initially emanate from the original singularity's angular 
momentum, G-force or infinite potential energy, descends coenergetically and in 
coadunation but not in consubstantiality, as spherically radiant, fractally 
involved fields (like bubbles within bubbles)... Beginning with the initial 
3-cycle cosmic monad field -- whose outer spherical field represents gravity and 
the dual inner fields represent the cosmic mind and its initial subtle body... 
Before descending through three additional fractal involutions, until the 
lowest order physical space time continuum appears... Where the zero-point of 
absolute ground space (potential consciousness) is holographically spread 
everywhere throughout the quantum vacuum located at the center of every physical 
mass-energy field comprising each holographic material form of nature -- including 
each of our brain-bodies and all the particles, atoms, molecules, cells, and 
organs in them.   All of them made up of various combinations of standing 
waves of "fundamental SPACE in motion" as Einstein said.

Incidentally, can we see the DNA molecule replicated throughout each cell of 
our body as being analogous to and dependent upon that holographic paradigm?

Thus, this first of the series of three fractal field involutions would be 
analogous to the later highest order hyperspace fields or triune monad, 
surrounding every zero-point of human consciousness, that represents the archetypal 
instinctive and super intuitive mind-memory fields of each such soul's cosmic 

The further fractal hyperspace field involvement, between the individual 
human zero-point consciousness of that monad and the physical brain-body, would 
represent the lower order lifetime memory and mind fields -- which, together 
with the highest order, long term cosmic memory fields, compose the six-fold 
inner spiritual and animal nature of the individual body they pervade and 

If that cosmogenetic ontology starting from zero is true, then it would 
define the nature of the "soul" being that higher order, triune spiritual human 
monad, as well as suggest the possibility of karma as cause-effect. action, 
reaction, etc. -- along with suggesting the mechanisms that might make 
reincarnation, in addition to all psychic phenomena, scientifically valid possibilities -- 
so long as human consciousness remains ignorant of its true higher nature.

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

In a message dated 4/28/07 11:19:10 PM, writes:

> Given that souls are real, even if they are not the subject matter for 
> physics, perhaps the transmigration of the soul is and therefore the INTERFACand 
> meta-physics scholars.
> PtP
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>   Sent: Monday, April 16, 2007 11:04 PM
>   Subject: Re: [Mind and Brain] Re: Incarnation-Reincarnation
>   Hello all,
>   I believe it was Protagoras who noted that "Man is the
>   measure of all things...of those that are that they
>   are, and of those that are not, that they are not"...I
>   believe that is what he said. What he meant might
>   have dealt solely with moral and/or aesthetic
>   presumptions (beauty is in the eye of the beholder..or
>   beerholder as we said in college).
>   But that extreme relativistic view presents some
>   problems when we discuss metaphysics, and most
>   certainly when we are dealing with physics.
>   Whether souls are the proper subject matter for
>   physics is an interesting question. It seems the
>   answer is clearly "no" if we take a contemporary
>   scientific view of reality. Are we presuming too much
>   when we do that? I think least not until
>   there has been given decent evidence and/or argument
>   that such substances/things/ideas/whathaveyous that we
>   call "souls" exist and are in any way causally
>   efficacious.
>   We know brains exist. We know that when there is
>   damage to certain regions of the brain, certain, very
>   specific in some cases, "mental" processes are
>   inhibited or destroyed completely.
>   In other words, we know the brain is necessary for
>   consciousness and experience. Yet, we do not know
>   "how" the physical brain brings about such qualitative
>   states. Such current ignorance is no justification to
>   latch on to super natural explanations that do little
>   to solve the problem without regress, and instead
>   bring with it more and more unanswered (likely
>   unanswerable) questions.
>   Having said that, I am open to an argument for the
>   existence of souls, and of course an explanation of
>   just whtat they might be.
>   Thanks,
>   Chris
>   --- Pay_the_Piper <> wrote:
>   > That is a nice, "forthright" answer, Guru V. I take
>   > it the Buddhists would agree with your Hindu
>   > perspective on the soul as "certainly nonmaterial".
>   > That being so, your philosophy is dualistic. We
>   > should stop short of concluding that your theology
>   > must therefore be dualistic. Can we say that
>   > materialism-spiritism is thesis-antithesis and that
>   > theology provides the synthesis? Small s spiritism,
>   > anyway.
>   >

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