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Compare & contrast Nigel's & Perry's statements with...

Apr 28, 2007 08:36 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Compare & contrast Nigel's & Perry's statements about
HPB and the T.S. with what the late John Coats
wrote about Blavatsky and the T.S.:

"The percentage of [Adyar T.S.] members, who have not as yet
ever read any books by H.P. Blavatsky is
regrettably high." The Theosophist, Feb., 1975

Why is this "regrettable"?

"There's a great need for the deepening of the
individual member's understanding of theosophy.
A lot of people skate superfically over the
surface of theosophy without really going into
it in depth." The Theosophist, Dec. 1975.

But what Theosophy does one study?  

And why should members of the TS study
Theosophy?  The three objects of the
Society do not directly mention Theosophy,
whatever Theosophy may or may not be.

What does Theosophy offer the student that
one cannot find by pursuing the 3 objects
especially the comparative study of religion,
philosophy and science and also investigations
into psychic powers, etc.

There are many, many different organizations devoted especially
to these specific subjects.  Why not join these
instead of the TS.  What does the TS offer that
these other organizations don't?


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