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Re: 9-11 fake CNN footage revealed

Apr 26, 2007 05:59 PM
by danielhcaldwell

So what is the point?

That there was no plane as shown in the
video?  That there was no plane crashing
into the building?

And there are no eyewitnesses on the streets
who saw the plane as it crashed into the building?

Just wondering what the point is....


--- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" <dzyan@...> 
> Hi, below are two video links; take a look at the following footage 
regarding the 9/11 aerial attacks on the Twin Towers
> and similarly
> 1. Olcott  in a letter of 1878: "While we have no political 
designs, you will need no hint to understand that our sympathies are 
with those who are deprived of the right of  governing their own 
lands for themselves. I need say no more?"
> - The Theosophical Society, Russian Intrigue or Religious 
> By Richard Hodgson, M.A., LL.D. The Age, Melbourne, Australia, 12. 
September, 1885 
> 2. "THEOSOPHIST. Certainly; and we have proved it by action. Have 
not you heard of the Nationalist clubs and party which have sprung up 
in America since the publication of Bellamy's book? They are now 
coming prominently to the front, and will do so more and more as time 
goes on. Well, these clubs and this party were started in the first 
instance by Theosophists. One of the first, the Nationalist Club of 
Boston, Mass., has Theosophists for President and Secretary, and the 
majority of its executive belong to the T. S. In the constitution of 
all their clubs, and of the party they are forming, the influence of 
Theosophy and of the Society is plain, for they all take as their 
basis, their first and fundamental principle, the Brotherhood of 
Humanity as taught by Theosophy. In their declaration of Principles 
they state: -- "The principle of the Brotherhood of Humanity is one 
of the eternal truths that govern the world's progress on lines which 
distinguish human nature from brute nature." What can be more 
Theosophical than this? But it is not enough. What is also needed is 
to impress men with the idea that, if the root of mankind is one, 
then there must also be one truth which finds expression in all the 
various religions -- except in the Jewish, as you do not find it 
expressed even in the Kabala." 
> 3. "Theories of internationalism, being based on local point of 
view, can accomplish no more than to reduce all nations to one dead-
level of suppression, leading ultimately to explosion more terrific 
than the outbursts of Vesuvius - matter seeking to imprison force. 
> It is the Universal Law that makes possible the playing of 
Beethoven's magic compositions by orchestra of a hundred pieces. To 
compel the first and second violins to use their bows simultaneausly, 
would accomplish a result as futile in degree, and in its way, as any 
effort to bind the nations in one man-governed league. It is enough, 
and difficult enough, that nations should govern themselves; and they 
will never attain harmony by all striving to be the first violins. 
Order is attained by listening, self-government, and work; and not by 
listening to the next piece in the orchestra but to the universal 
>  - Talbot Mundy: "Universal", The Theosophical Path, January 1924, 
reprint in: "The Lama's Law. Talbot Mundy in 'The Theosophical 
Path'", Ohio, Isis Books 1995, pp. 41-42.Best wishes,
> Frank
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