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Re: Holographic Principle

Apr 26, 2007 04:43 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 3/23/07 7:58:23 PM, mgermine@HOTMAIL.COM writes:


> All of science is ultimately based on physics.  The question is not why I
> need to invoke the holographic principle.  The question is whether or not it
> should be invoked.  Current physics, according to some, would say yes, it
> should, as the information content of all 3 dimensional spaces is contained,
> not within that 3D space, but on a two dimensional boundary.  Unless you
> want to define information is some unphysical way, it is inescapable that
> the physics of information must be the foundation of any scientific theory
> that involves information.  That physics is still evolving, and the
> holographic principle appears to be an important component of that theory. 
> This is not an airy-fairy "out there" kind of hypothesis, but one that is
> gaining widespread acceptance in mainstream physics.
I agree, physics is where science is at.  But, there must be something 
missing when physics as it is now objectively and materially based, can't get a 
handle on subjective consciousness, or how it links to both mind and matter.  
Especially when our inner or experiential view of the world appears always as if 
it were a 3-D holographic image projected out there from a 2-D hologram in 
here.  How does physics deal with that paradoxical observation -- If not with the 
conclusion that the information transfer from object to perception must be 
entirely analog in nature, and the image must be carried as wave interference 
patterns on electrodynamic fields?

Therefore, in my view, the "holographic paradigm" -- extending from sense 
input to brain, and through it to mind and finally, to awareness-- is an absolute 
necessity if we are ever to arrive at a cogent theory of consciousness that 
explains both the hard problems of qualia and brain mind binding, but also the 
exact process of holographic perception, as well as the 
correlation/integration of 3-D mind, memory, and body images, along with our ability to 
instantaneously (i.e., intuitively) comprehend and intentionally determine our exact body 
position and location within the continuously changing 3-D visual and auditory 
world surrounding us. 

In order for all this to occur instinctively, as well as instantaneously and 
holographically, all these images must be uniformly based on one fundamental 
principle and linked to a single point within the volume of the brain -- to 
which all body positions relative to the outer world's 3-D image are 

It is quite apparent that the modulated "light" image of the outer world we 
see in the mind in full stereo-binocular depth perception is a perfect 
holographic representation of the actual 3-D world reflected to and focussed on the 
twin retinas. 

Therefore, the only way that 3-D image, as viewed in the mind, could occur 
without violating any laws of physics, as well as allowing a perfect depth 
correspondence between the visual and aural fields of perception in exact alignment 
with our self determined body position within those fields -- would be if our 
visual and aural awareness was actually centered at a single point in the 
middle of the brain directly behind the eyes and between the ears, and the mind 
was an electrodynamic field surrounding, and possibly, generated by that point.

Assuming that this may be the case, the perceived image, then, to be in 
perfect correspondence with the outer world, would have to be a holographic 
projection from that point whose cone of radiation for any fixed object would be in 
exact correspondence with the cone of reflection from that object that 
converges to that center point of potential perceptive consciousness inside the brain 
at the exact center of the head.  Thus, the 3-D body (hardware) symmetry's 
would be exactly matched to its brain-mind 3-D image (software) symmetry's.

One logical way to accomplish this would be that the brain's ultimate 
assembled output, after processing of visual and auditory input, would be those 
modulated wave interference patterns carried as a hologram on the surface of its 
overall spherical EM field.  These interference patterns would be the result of 
the slight difference in angle of vision due to the binocular separation 
between the left and right eye (or similar binaural separation between the ears in 
the case of sound).

Hypothetically, in order for such a wave modulated field to be detected, a 
coherent light would have to be projected outward from that point of perception 
which would convert the interference patterns into a visual holographic image 
-- which, by reflection of that coherent radiation back to the point of 
perception, would enable our innate zero-point awareness to perceive the image in 
full holographic depth, as if it were projected outward onto the surfaces of the 
outer world objects of perception -- which would then appear to be at 
different relative distances from our point of perception, due to the holographic 
fusion of the left eye-right eye images at whatever depth our eyes converge.  
This would also indicate that visual/auditory consciousness (i.e., awareness, 
will) is, most likely, a direct function of that zero-point of absolute ground 
SPACE, and therefore, isolated from the fields of both brain and mind -- yet 
integrally interconnected to them so as to integrate electrodynamically with the 
nervous system.  Incidentally, such a possibility would also explain the non 
locality of all the other sense perceptions -- such as pain at the end of a 
finger or toe, smell in the nose, taste on the tongue, localized touch, etc.

However, since there is no way that visible light could be projected through 
the brain meat, such a coherent ray would have to be in a higher order 
inductively resonant electrodynamic frequency-energy spectrum to which the brain and 
body would be completely transparent.  

Such radiation could, in theory, correspond to a higher order coenergetic 
field in one of the hyperspace dimensions postulated by string theory.   If such 
fields do exist, then, it is quite reasonable to consider that the field of 
mind would be separate from the Brain field, but electrodynamically coenergetic 
(inductively resonant) with it.   Thus, both the brain field and the mind 
field could essentially be considered as separate entities. This would also apply 
to the higher order long term and archetypal memory fields that possibly 
govern our species instincts... With all such fields surrounding any zero-point of 
sensory perception being in coadunation (i.e., in the same location) but not 
in consubstantiality (i.e., of different relative density or frequency energy 
phase orders).  

Accordingly, such higher order fields would necessarily have frequency 
spectrum ranges several orders above the highest EM frequency spectrums of the brain 
field, and thus, correspondingly higher velocities, as well as shorter wave 
lengths and time constants... Thus, accounting (through such entanglement or 
synchronicity) for the instantaneousness of thought, memory recall, 
photon-phonon synchrony on the subjective level, visual field and physical body image 
linkages, etc.  It also follows that "object" images on any field level, whether 
holographic images in the mind or standing wave patterns composing the 
elementary quantum particle elements of our body-brain, could be in the same place at 
the same time, relative to our physical space-time fields -- without violating 
any laws of physics.   

Therefore, the information or "contents of consciousness" would not be 
limited by the speed of light.... Since the analogous inner light reflected from the 
mental hologram we experience at our zero-point center of visual 
consciousness, would be carried on a higher order electrodynamic field whose velocity is 
greater than c^2.   Scientifically speaking, the image could have negative mass 
relative to our space-time metric.   While the sensory mind field that 
carries it, could have a micro-particulate mass closer to zero... With the memory 
fields of progressively lesser mass, related to their retention time down to the 
earliest long term and archetypal memories.

Thus, the holographic image patterns in the brain's EM field could be 
transferred to the higher order mind, and to even higher order memory fields (up to 
at least the six hyperspace dimensions of string theory) -- so as to be 
detected and reconstructed into the holographic images we actually perceive.  This 
would also account for the ability of the mind field to access all levels of 
short, medium, and long term memories over a complete range of auditory and 
visual imagery and symbolic or linguistic information.  It would also account for 
the exact holographic correspondence between the 3-D auditory and visual 
imagery with the 3-D body model image generated by the kinesthetic cortex of the 
dual brain.  

Such electromagnetic inductive resonance's between corresponding image fields 
would account for the ability of the ball player to catch a high fly on the 
run and jump, a hunter to turn and shoot his game that rustled a bush behind 
him, as well as the fine artist who can place his brush on the exact point on 
his canvas that corresponds to a corresponding point on both his model and its 
image carried in his mind.  Something, that no scientific theory of 
consciousness, mind, memory, etc. -- based on the biased, materialistic (i.e., matter is 
the primary causative reality) presumptions of conventional physics, biology, 
neurology, etc. -- could ever explain. 

Of course, none of that could be ever explained scientifically, without 
basing physics on a new paradigm that considers as a fundamental proposition, that 
consciousness (awareness, will) is a function of the zero-point of absolute, 
pre cosmic ground SPACE... And that objective or phenomenal matter -- being 
composed fundamentally, on the lowest order physical space-time continuum, of 
spherical standing wave patterns at various frequency energies -- originates at 
the primal beginning (i.e., Big Bang) from that initial zero-point's inherent 
spin momentum's G-force or "spinergy" as a radioactively expanding series of 
spherical, fractally involved, coenergetic fields, like bubbles within bubbles 
within bubbles, etc.   With each fractal iteration (twin fields within a 
surrounding field) of descending frequency-energy orders having analogous and 
corresponding electrodynamic spectrums that are inductively resonant with each 
other... Thus, an entirely new concept of cosmogenesis would have to be accepted as 
the basis of this new scientific paradigm.  For a symbolic cross sectional 
diagram illustrating such a universal field generation at this primal beginning, 
How It All Began <>

While all of this ontology, based on retrodictive reasoning and deductive geo
logical and topological reasoning, is intuitively and experientially, provable 
by subjective evidence gathered through mind experiments while practicing 
deep meditative concentration on the single point of ones own consciousness -- 
there is no way to prove it to anyone else.  Either we can experience it in our 
imagination or we can't.  However, it's obvious to one who has experienced it, 
that the hard problems of conscious experience and brain-mind binding can 
never be explained empirically, epistemologically, or mathematically by 
conventional materialist or physicalist science... Since subjective awareness appears 
to be as fundamental as is matter, in father-mother ground SPACE -- in their 
noumenal states prior to the Big Bang -- which is still spread everywhere 
throughout our metric space-time continuum, and localized at every zero-point in the 
Planck vacuum. Thus perceptive-creative consciousness and causative will are 
ubiquitous along with all particle-points of matter throughout the universe.

It follows then, based on this new paradigm, that phenomenal consciousness 
must arise simultaneously and interdependently along with phenomenal matter.  
Thus, if such a hypothesis is the actual reality, the hard problem as stated by 
Chalmers, as well as the binding problem, are moot -- since they are 
apparently based on a false premise of science that matter is fundamental and 
consciousness an epiphenomena.

So, If such a process theory of consciousness and its relationship with 
matter is to be proven scientifically (under such a new holographic paradigm) -- it 
now remains to devise a repeatable experiment that gives equal weight to both 
subjective and objective evidence.  Although, it also seems reasonable to 
arrive at such proof by means of evidence derived logically by retrodiction 
(i.e., reverse engineering) coupled with deduction and prediction starting from 
fundamental principles.  Incidentally, I think this is the way that Einstein was 
able to intuit E=mc^2 and the fundamental theories of relativity and quantum 
physics... Although, because of the limitations of empirical scientific 
mathematics, and the fundamental nature of gravity (G-force), he as never able to 
come up with a scientifcally explainable unified field theory of everything.   

It seems that proceeding from the inside outward in that manner -- starting 
from the absolute ground zero of fundamental root space, and following the 
entire chain of cause and effect from the initial fractal field involution's down 
to our present space-time continuum -- leads to the cutting edges of already 
proven physics as well as to some yet to be proven extended theories now being 
considered on a sub quantum, quantum field and cosmological level related to 
the neural, genetic, and biological systems and processes that are analogous 
and corresponding between the microcosm and the macrocosm.  

It's interesting that such a possible sub quantum fractal field theory meshes 
perfectly with quantum theory that ends with the possible Orch OR wave 
function collapse or decoherence in the microtubules that could very well complete 
the image processing that ends up as holographic wave interference patterns or 
other wave modulations in the electromagnetic brain, mind and memory field 
radiation's that lead directly to conscious experience -- when detected and 
demodulated or holographically reconstructed and reflected by intuitively directed 
zero-point energy radiation from our zero-point of visual/aural 
consciousness.  It also establishes a rational basis for all observed or reliably reported 
psychic phenomena, including hallucinations, dreams, telepathic communication, 
etc., for which no scientifically logical or mathematical descriptions are 
currently capable of explaining, let alone describing their operative mechanisms.

I'd be most interested in hearing any comments or suggestions that might lead 
to a correlation of this model with some of the leading edge theories of 
neural correlates of consciousness, as well as correlation's with holographic 
paradigm, quantum field and string theories that, combined together, could lead to 
a unified field theory of everything.

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer
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