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Differences in teachings "Which Theosophy"

Apr 25, 2007 05:40 AM
by plcoles1

Hello All,
I have just read Pedro Oliveira's article "Which Theosophy" which was 
published in the magazine "Theosophy in Australia" in March 2006.

I have to say that I am by largely in agreement with Pedro's 
statements and also with the spirit within which it seems to have 
been written.

The theosophical approach is not an ism and certainly is not a 
prescribed pathway it is a journey that will be unique and different 
for each individual.

As students and individuals we will all naturally be drawn to one 
school of thought more than another, the theosophic approach is by 
its very nature eclectic.

The way to unity is by way of embracing diversity, yes we need to 
debate and discuss points of difference but probably more importantly 
we also need to underline the points of intersection and in our 
hearts hold to that spirit of Brotherhood and Oneness which is the 
theosophical ideal.

We need not become divided into Blavatsky barrackers or Leadbeater 

The wheat from the chaff of both can only be sorted out for ourselves 
through our own process and in our own way and time.

Thanks Pedro for the article it has given me some food for thought.


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