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Re: Theos-World Where Are They Now?

Apr 21, 2007 08:45 PM
by samblo

   Thanks for the Resources posts. I, up to Apr. 17th had seen so far this 
year 1 Bumblebee and two Bee's. But on the 18th of April both my Persimmon Tree 
and my Bottle Brush Tree blossomed. On the 20th of April when I got up I went 
to the front door and heard that wonderful sound, the buzz/humm of the Honey 
Bee. I had hundreds of Bee's indulging in the blossoms of both tree's. I was a 
happy person! Finally Bee's in numbers!

  But all this time I have walked to a Garden Center 5-6 times a week and 
spent time viewing all the many varieties of blooming flowers they sell in all 
the many colors and sniffing the quite strong aroma of the blossoms. But I tell 
you not 1 Bee was ever there or a single Bumblebee! Even when I finally had 
hundreds of Bee's on the 20th April there were no Bee's feasting on any flower 
blossoms at the garden Center, not even one! I asked the attendants if they had 
seen any Bee's there and so far they say "No." I am now wondering if somehow 
the commercial flowering plants are Genetically Mutated or treated in some way 
that repels the Bee's. 

   I have a mutual friend that has a small ranch in So. California outside of 
LA, she only has two Bee hives but she reported to a friend of mine that her 
hives are healthy.

Best regards,
John      </HTML>

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