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Re: [jcs-online] Re: Molecular Memory, Calcium, Consciousness

Apr 19, 2007 07:10 PM
by leonmaurer

Hi Serge and Ralph,

Putting all your comments below, correct as they may or may not be, in their 
proper context... 

Nevertheless, water, in whatever form or dynamic interrelationship with other 
atoms and molecules it takes, is nothing more than a complex combination of 
interconnected electrodynamic standing waves of pure, unadulterated ground or 
"Mother" SPACE -- whose fundamental composition, in essence (as the noumena if 
all subsequent phenomena) is its empty zero-points of pure consciousness 
(i.e., awareness and will) in intimate coadunation with its equally non dimensional 
infinite angular momentum, G-force or "spinergy."   

It is this "Singularity" in itself (that is reflected ubiquitously throughout 
all of configuration space-time) that is the "God" whom we can experience in 
the "quiet stillness of our inner self or soul" -- just as taught by Jesus the 
Christ and Guatama the Buddha, along with all the ancient avatars and masters 
of godlike wisdom from Krishna, and Thoth-Hermes, through Plotinus and 
Pythagorus to Plato, etc.   The whole trick of attaining such experience (infinite 
godlike wisdom or enlightenment) would be the "quieting of the modifications of 
the thinking principle" (mind) -- as taught by Patanjali in his Yoga 

As Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita, "I create this entire world from one 
small part of myself and yet remain separate (undiminished)" -- which parallels 
the saying of Jesus in the Bible, (Mark 10:6) "But in the beginning, at the 
time of creation, it was said, 'God made them male [creative - causative 
consciousness] and female [receptive - phenomenal matter]"   [My non literal 
interpretation in brackets.]   

All of this confirms my ABC theory of cosmogenesis which postulates (based on 
pure analog mathematics) that the "singularity" of absolute or ground SPACE 
at the primal beginning or big bang -- consisting of pure zero-point 
consciousness (awareness, will) surrounded by its infinite spinergy -- emanates in 
polarity and radiates spherically into expanding coenergetic electrodynamic fields 
of (both light and dark) energy, that fractally involve, starting from the 
initial triune monad of pure spiritual force at near infinite frequency-energy, 
through a descending series of fields within fields within fields, until (at 
the fourth fractal involution) the lower frequency-energy phase order of our 
configuration or metric space time continuum appears...   

Following which, after inflation and breaking of symmetry, the fundamental 
particles precipitate as standing waves of different primary frequencies... To 
ultimately consolidate into atoms and molecules that form the galaxies and star 
systems circling around their originating black hole singularities (i.e., 
zero [laya] point spinergy's) -- to eventually evolve into the Solar system, our 
planet, Earth, and all the sentient beings on it... Culminating in Mankind... 
That, in general form, replicates the ideal "Image of Man" recorded as 
holographic wave interference patterns in the original spinergy of the Cosmic 
zero-point singularity... The one "God," in Biblical terms, overseeing all 
subordinate "Demigods," "Angels," and ultimately, all mankind -- "created in its own 
image." (Gen 1:27)   Also, confirming, that "There were Giants in the Earth in th
ose days" (Gen 6:4) -- i.e., the six ages (cycles) of Earths analogous 
creation (involution) out of its zero-point singularity...   After which, the 
creative consciousness, having fulfilled its creation, can withdraw and go back to 
sleep -- while random evolutionary processes take over -- following the ideal 
holographic imagery coenergetically recorded electromagnetically in the higher 
order morphogenetic (cosmic or solar mind-memory) fields (as explained by 
Rupert Sheldrake in his book "Towards a New Theory of Life")

Potential consciousness, then, is the fundamental nature of the mother SPACE 
(at each ubiquitous zero-point in metric space) that becomes more and more 
capable of phenomenally accessing and utilizing the intermediate higher order 
hyperspace fields of mind and memory (that are fractally involved analogs of the 
initial cosmic fields) -- depending upon the complexity of the neural systems 
of the evolved sentient beings.   With human awareness, will, intelligence, 
intuition, mind, memory and thinking ability being the ultimate degree of such 
phenomenal and creative consciousness.

It's also a condition of intelligence that all sensory and memory information 
accessible to consciousness must be stored as holographic wave interference 
patterns on the surfaces of all such higher order fields of mind and memory -- 
which are coenergetic with the overall EM information carrying field (and its 
fractally harmonic sub fields, possibly carrying different sensory channel 
information) generated by the Brain.   The real hard problems, then, if this 
method of information storage and coenergetic (inductive resonance) transformation 
is true -- would be to determine the nature of the neural or cellular 
mechanisms that generate the network of sensory informational fields accessible, non 
locally, to consciousness -- such as pain at the end of a finger, taste on the 
tongue, etc.

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

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> >Re: Molecular Memory, Calcium, Consciousness
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> >Tue Apr 10, 2007 2:38 am (PST)
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> >Leon Maurer <<>> on 4
> >Apr 2007 wrote:
> > >It might even seem as if our universal consciousness -- before
> > >being scattered into apparently separate centers of individualized
> > >selves with localized sensors and minds -- actually had a hand in
> > >creating it all. ;-)
> >[S.P] Consciousness was present at every moment of formation of
> >those "centers of individualized selves", because every organism
> >consists of water. But water -- it is a simplest self-organizing
> >complex system itself, which has some kind of memory, and has some
> >other specific but important properties (by the way, anomalous from
> >the point of view of Physics). The living organisms -- they are the
> >results (forms, versions) of interaction of water with other
> >chemicals. But water -- it is already a simplest living organism
> >despite it contains other chemicals or not. The interaction with
> >certain chemicals only makes the effect of its self-organization
> >stronger. Then, the water areas with more strong self-organizing
> >effects become separate self-organizing complex systems, which
> >maintain their stronger self-organizing effect by creating a
> >covering, and, eventually, transform into cells (like protozoans).
> >The conclusion is that the cell cannot emerge in the absence of
> >the effect of self-organization (which necessarily results in
> >consciousness; see [1], Section 2.2.1). Therefore the idea that
> >there existed some "selves with sensors and minds" and only then
> >consciousness was "scattered into them" is wrong in principle. If
> >you are looking for a God who created us and is inside of us -- it is 
> water.
> >Best wishes on Easter,
> >Serge Patlavskiy
> >[1]
> ><>
> Serge,

> I agree with much of what you say above, but  relating to your last
> sentence, if you or anyone else are really looking for the God who
> created us,  the place to begin is...
> "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the
> earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the
> deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters."   Genesis
> 1:1  New International Version of the Holy Bible (NIV)
> and then maybe add a few moments to  mull over your own thoughts,
> good, bad or indifferent, about the infinite intelligence built-in to
> baptism by water ascribed to and practiced by followers of Jesus
> Christ, who is incalcuably so much more than just THE great physician
> and analog mathematician.
> Regarding certain properties of water  being anomalous from the point
> of view of Physics [Google on "anomalous properties of water", for
> more interesting reading],   I understand that  the proper way to
> phrase and consider that is  that careful consideration of all  the
> properties of water  reveal and expose the anomalous nature of
> the  current physics model.  It leads us to the paradigm shift in
> science, but so does most everything else nowadays.
> As for water being the God who created us, if you stare long enough,
> the H-OH  rapidly converts to a barn dance of seventeen protons plus
> other stuff, or then to a specific intricate cha-cha of
> quark-sacs.  Yet, if you have ever experienced heat-stoke, you should
> quickly realize that while our dust is mixed 40:60,  dust to water,
> running at a 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit  on the low side of vaporization
> also  factors strongly into our entire movement. So, the tapestry is
> much, much  richer that simply being 60% water and singing raindrops
> keep falling on my head.  How is it that  we sit at this point
> in  the phase-change diagram?   The water  or the water plus dust
> inside us does not pull that string. We are not our own creator.
> In the simple model of consciousness that I am privileged to glimpse
> and communicate, each molecule of water formed during each instance
> of respiration pops into existence in one of at least six possible
> forms owing to the basic structured duality --  the  two   "positive"
> and the two "negative"  vertices of the tetrahedral-like molecular
> shape -- as it forms in an enfolding field.  Fill a region with this
> unit and immediately acquire  a poor man's simplified version matrix
> mechanics. Chain n-units of the six-sided die together and 6^n
> internal analog math reflective of, influenced by essentially  all
> our  on-going experience(s).
> Drop in one molecule of calcium phosphate and some of the analog math
> shifts into an altered derivative.   Forge sheets of chains together
> into  water layers bound to organic surfaces and the patterns
> persist.   All by simple, innate automatic matrix mechanics.  If I
> must learn the number four,  I recall the watery sequence/pattern
> which once was formed in concert with sequentially extending all but
> my thumb on one hand while echoing the sounds spoken to me:  "f-o-u-r"
> And even with all this, we are still called by Psalm 46:10 to  first,
> before seeking other things, to  accept and still this turbulent 60%
> of our being -- and to "Be still, and know that I am God".
> Ought we forever ignore such good advice?
> Best regards,
> Ralph Frost

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