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Re: [Mind and Brain] Open Question.

Apr 17, 2007 11:52 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 4/14/07 10:34:01 AM, writes:

> This question was posed on another forum and I thought I would ask it
> over here as this group was probably more qualified to give a more
> detailed and hopefully accurate account of 'OUR' current knowledge on
> the subject.
> "If all mental activity is limited only to neurological
> functioning within the brain, then how and where are all the detailed
> visual (and auditory, olfactory, and tactile) memories stored? Ie:
> How could the brain capture and retain detailed virtual memories of
> people, places, and events that have occured days, weeks, months,
> years, and decades in our past, and then recollect and replay them as
> moving virtual images and sounds?"
The answer is -- under those limiting conditions -- there is no way that 
makes any reasonable sense... Since conventional science has no consistent idea or 
cogent explanation about the origin, nature or experience of consciousness 
(i.e., awareness, will, perception, discernment, discrimination, determination, 
decision, etc.) -- without which, all memory, mind, and brain would be 
useless.   Nor does neuroscience, other than describing the neural correlates of 
consciousness, have any explanation about how the brain actually stores short term 
memory (let alone long term), what medium the memories are stored in or on, 
and in what form they are carried (either as sensory or memory information).   
Nor can it explain how the brain links to mind or memory, or how consciousness 
links to all of it? ... With the brain serving (simply as the tool of 
consciousness through mind) the roles of information processor, transducer, 
transformer, transmitter/receiver, modem, and switching control center, that is 
entirely separate (as a different aspect of fundamental reality) from the conscious 
experiencer, decider, doer, maker, chooser, thinker, etc.   Just as our visual 
system is separate from the similarly processed complex pictures on our 
computer, TV or movie screens.   

Thus, contrary to the basic materialistic assumptions of modern science -- in 
this view, formless consciousness is primarily causative or creative (yang), 
and formed matter is secondarily epiphenomenal or receptive (yin).   And, 
every phenomenal thing on the Cosmos is made out of absolute SPACE in various 
modes of motion... Or, in other words, everything or form in the universe, 
including the higher order holographic image forms in both universal and individual 
memory are in some degree of periodic or cyclic vibration, at frequencies 
(cycles per unit of time) ranging from near infinite to near zero.   Therefore, 
there are some frequencies that are multiple orders higher than the highest 
electromagnetic frequencies (gamma waves) in our physical or metric space time.

Therefore, as I see it, the only way such complex, multifaceted 3-dimensional 
image memories could be carried and accessibly stored. would be as modulated 
holographic wave interference patterns on the surfaces of cyclically radiant 
electrodynamic fields -- that, by their own inherent nature, would have a long 
enough energetic lifetime (based on frequency spectrums of a possibly much 
higher order than the physical EM spectrum) so that such wave patterns would not 
decay for at least the lifetime of the individual...   And, possibly, long 
before birth -- if there are such things as super long term archetypal memories, 
as postulated by Carl Jung -- that must, therefore, also extend long after one 
has died.   For example, in such fields, their higher order electrodynamic 
frequencies could be related to an inner astral light velocity greater than EM 
(photonic) light -- possibly c^2 (and even higher as we approach the highest 
orders of the cosmic memory fields).   This could also account for the 
instantaneousness of thought and memory access, as well as for intuition, or our 
ability to directly access, on a subliminal level, complete and complex holographic 
ideation's that are beyond our own individual, consciously accessible 
experiential memory fields -- which are linked to the senses through the lower order 
mind field, and to the emotions through the brain's EM field that controls the 
autonomic endocrine hormone system.   In addition, these fields could act as 
the carrier waves of noiselessly modulated memory images -- much like a high 
frequency radio wave carries the frequency modulated sound and picture 
information for an FM sound or TV movie between the transmitter and the receiver. Thus, 
there would be no need for redundant hybrid, analog-digital-analog processing 
anywhere in the brain, mind or memory fields. 

If all this is so -- then, the only logical place for such a long term memory 
storage would be among the higher order frequency-energy hyperspace fields -- 
as postulated in my ABC holographic field model as well as in string theories
.   Such coenergetic (i.e., inductively resonant, so as to be capable of 
transforming information between them) fractally involved fields on different 
dimensions of hyperspace would have to originate within our brain-body from the 
zero-point energy of its individual (overall body centered triune monad) chakra 
field origin -- analogous to the fractally involved coenergetic fields that 
originated at the big bang -- as described in the ABC model of universal field 
generation at the primal beginning, and the human Chakra field generation at 
conception (the little bang, so to speak:-).   Thus, it follows that, as Hermes 
said, "The macrocosm IS the mirror of the microcosm." And, "As Above, so 

Since this theory is based on the proposition that consciousness is the 
inherent nature of the zero-point of Absolute "Mother" or ground SPACE -- which is 
at the zero-point center of origination of all such higher order fields, that 
are located everywhere throughout the Planck vacuum of our configuration 
space... The long term holographic image information carried in the higher order 
memory field, as well as the short term sensory information carried 
holographically in the mind field -- both linked coenergetically (inductively or 
resonantly) to the EM field of the brain -- could easily be detected by the zero-point 
of visual consciousness (located in the center of the brain's EM field as well 
as the coadunate center of all its surrounding hyperspace fields) by 
reflection of a directed (willed) coherent, super high frequency order spectral 
radiation from the "spinergy" or ZPE source surrounding that consciously aware and 
willful zero-point located directly behind the eyes and between the ears.   In 
addition, this is the reference point that allows us to positionally correlate 
every point in our body image hologram, generated in the kinesthetic cortex 
field, with the holographic visual as well as aural images, processed and 
assembled as modulated wave interference patterns, in the visual/aural cortex 
field.   Thus, the outfielder can catch a high fly ball on the run and jump, and 
the fine artist can place his brush on the exact point on his canvas that 
corresponds to the corner of the enigmatic smile on Mona Lisa's face he holds and 
sees in his mind's long term memory fields.

I hope this simplified description of a new scientific paradigmatic view of 
holographic consciousness, based on the fundamental principle that 
consciousness and matter are the inherent dual aspects of Mother SPACE at the primal 
beginning or big bang -- which fully explains memory, mind, brain-body fields and 
their linkages to both awareness and will, as well as to our individual self 
identity of all conscious experience and acquired knowledge (due to the 
entanglement of all conscious zero-points of primal SPACE within the overall 
circumference of our body's triune monadic aura field) -- satisfactorily answers all 
your questions. 

To fully comprehend such a unified field theory and how it might also explain 
all psychic   phenomena as well as altered states of both waking and dream 
consciousness -- one must realize that all zero-points   of absolute SPACE, at 
the centers of origin of all hyperspace and configuration space fields of 
consciousness throughout the entire universe, are coadunate but not consubstantial. 
  Thus, the ABC model is simply a logic based retrodiction of the primal 
beginning, working back from the current existent state of cosmic and sentient 
beings, as well as a prediction of the involution and evolution of their present 
existence, starting from the Zero-point of Absolute SPACE prior to the Big 

Since this prediction and retrodiction are identically coincident and 
consonant with all proved physical scientific knowledge, we have positive indication 
that the overall theory and the scientific premise it's based on (that 
receptive matter and creative consciousness are co-dependently arisen) is logically 
consistent and must be essentially correct.   Incidentally, this view is 
exactly the way Guatama the Buddha saw and spoke of it as scientific fact.   The 
entire Buddhist philosophy and its various vipassana, gnana and rajah yoga's as 
well as martial art kung fu and tai chi, along with chi gong healing art forms 
are all based on these fundamental facts of universal reality.   

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

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