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Re: Theos-World What's Happening To The Bees?

Apr 16, 2007 00:16 AM
by plcoles1

Found this article on "Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?"


--- In, samblo@... wrote:

> Daniel,
>    Thanks. The CBS News Article was better than the Yahoo. One 
thing neither 
> mentioned is the appearance of a Super Varro Mite which has 
happened. It is 
> resistant now to the previous pesticides used against it and now 
has an 
> advantage on the bee's and the balance of Nature is now unbalanced.
>    Another change is that US crops are no longer regulated by the 
> Government.
>  <A HREF="";>Crops 
No Longer Regulated By USDA</A> 
>    I don't know yet what is happening in Mexico but the Canadians 
are also 
> suffering losses.
> John   </HTML>
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