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Re: Theos-World Is anybody out there?bee disparearance

Apr 10, 2007 09:24 PM
by samblo

   Thanks for your comments and reply.

>>Animals have strong instincts and they are foreseeing something we do not.<<

Yes, I agree, I thought that right off and wondering what are they sensing 
that we do not?

    Well, I have seen websites showing the drying up of the Amazon 
Tributaries and the stranded boats high and dry along the former transport routes that 
were vital and sometimes the only means of supply due to the thick jungle. We 
are not getting reports on the climate effects here that you are experiencing. 
It seems some compartmentalization is occurring. The Climate change was first 
placed before the public here in 1972. It predicted a Major Ongoing 
Incremental Climate Change for the Northern Hemisphere with projection of maximum 
temperature change of 12 Degree's Fahrenheit for the Northern Hemisphere.  If this 
were to become fact then we will experience Hurricanes in America of 325 MPH 
Winds. Many things have happened since 1972. For 30 years I have told people 
"Think Petrii Dish," it is that simple. The Earth is the Sugar Solution, The 
contesting fractions of Mankind are the Bioforms introduced in the sugar culture. 
The outcome is predictable. 

   Using Google Earth Views any one can look directly at the Amazon Jungle 
and zoom in to see the deforestation occurring to the vital source of the 
respiration for the planet. Huge numbers of species are now going extinct in an 
accelerating upclined curve that will become logarithmic and nonreturnable. Last 
week I read that the entire Harpy Seal young had perished in the ocean due to 
the rapid disappearance of ice after winds blew them far out into the ocean and 
they were all too young to know how to swim so they all drowned. There are 
predictions that soon Nations will war over "water" so desperate will be drought 
in some places. We already have Legal Water Wars through Litigation here in 
the USA and I have read of some serious contestations happening in Asia. Six 
Billion and growing with no end to the demands for all available resources vital 
to civilized social societies.

  I can totally agree about most Hollywood Film and TV ridden through with 
violence and sex as substitutes for what used to be the norm here. But Our 
constituency has changed here also, and Productions survey for what is "desired" 
and then produce to provide the desires made known in the surveys. Then they can 
keep Box Office up. Catering to the lowest denomination is a highway paved to 

<<which is the principal ingredient on American movie companies<<

  A lot, but not all by any measurement, I have seen many excellent 
productions that authentically place good theater and entertainment before the public. 
America is not the solitary source of badness despite what the Socialist 
Political Fronts try to convince people of we have a balance of good I think. We 
have given our treasure endlessly to others for many decades and some times it 
seems no reward for the effort. Even today we give $4 billion each to Israel 
and Egypt each and every year free with no obligation to pay back. That amounts 
to $80 Billion per decade for more than 30 years now in hopes they will become 
peace loving, instead you see what happens. No one remembers that part. 
Especially when they didn't put a penny into it. 

  I would be interested in knowing what climate anomalies happen where you 
are. And also if there are Bee problems occurring there.



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