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Re: Theos-World Is anybody out there?bee disparearance

Apr 10, 2007 12:30 PM
by samblo

   Don't be so lazy, read the links I posted. It is a completely real event! 
CCD was first discovered last year mid-November of 2006 in Florida by a 
Pennsylvania Bee Keeper. I guess you would rather non-confront than be aware of the 
real situation. This is a regular human response to events which tend to 
  Yes, it was in the newspapers like San Francisco Chronicle, and many other 
papers. It was also on local and National News Networks. The U. S. Congress 
recently held Hearings on the Bee Disappearances. There isn't any cover-up. 
Public awareness is slow to be taken up especially when the phenomena is so 
enigmatic and offers no easy explanation or source of the problem causing the 

  I made things easy for people who desire to be informed by posting links to 
the best factual contents online after reading many, many sites. Try reading 
them Mauri.


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