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Re: Theos-World Is anybody out there?bee disparearance

Apr 10, 2007 05:01 AM
by krishtar

Dear John
Very interesting ( and also very sad)  subject about the Bee disappearance.
It´s a total news for me.
Animals have  strong instincts and they are foreseeing something we do not.
In Southern Brazil where we live, we are experimenting terrifying climatic problems, strongs winds where it seldom used to blow...and other climate changes.
We used to have 4 seasons, separated by each other along the year, but now weather has playing tricks on weatherforecasting.
I never dreamed that those alleged climatic changes we would face in this very life.
Is it only pollution/environmental problem that is causing such behavour in these insects and global air masses or is it also the great mass of negativity that human culture is raising with all these wars, hates, racial problems, pornography, violent movies ( which is the principal ingredient on american movie companies) ?

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  Happy Easter back to you. I've been busy reading online contents on the CCD 
  about Bee Disappearance occurrences in the USA and Europe it is a very bad 
  situation involving 27 States so far in the USA. Spain has lost 600,000 hive 
  populations as of 2 months ago, Poland has lost 400,000 hive populations. Just 
  those two not counting the other . E.U.Nations are "missing" 20 - 60 Billion 
  Bee's. No one knows where they went to or why. Germany only began inspecting their 
  hive last month and initial figures are 25% losses with isolated location 
  having up to 80% loss. The living Queens of the hives were left behind with young 
  brood and abandoned. Predatory opportunist Beetles and Moths will not enter 
  the hives to steal the honey and bee bread stocks that were abandoned for 
  weeks. They do not know why this happens either. Professors at many world wide 
  Universities are online debating possible reasons and causes but it is a chaos 
  that is found instead.

  Florida acknowledges the loss of 260,000 hive and data is yet unformulated 
  to a known sate by state loss here in the USA. So far here in No. California I 
  have seen 1 bee and today 1 Bumblebee this year total. 

  There is more casualties than our European Honey Bee. Three species of 
  Bumble Bee, 115 species of Butterflies and subspecies of 57 Butterflies. Two Moth 
  species and 55 Bee species. 

  The Colony Collapse Disease was discovered Mid-Noveber of 2006.

  Einstein was quoted as saying if the bee's die man has only four years to 
  live. Alfalfa and Clover are pollinated by Bee's and are feedstock for our 
  cattle.Many crops are completely dependent upon pollination be Bee's.

  Importing replacement Bee's does not seem to be a solution in the long 

  The Shroud of Turin has long fascinated me due to the "Burn Marks" 
  appearing to take the form of "Bee's." The vestal Virgin who attended the Oracle of 
  Delphi were the "Mellisa" which in the Greek usage meant "Bee."

  We also used to have a member here who had affinity in referring to the 

  It would be nice if members here opened their awareness to seeing living 
  Bee's where they live whether in a city or country side or if the local news is 
  reporting hive losses.



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