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The butterfly "resurrecting" from the tomb of the chrysalis

Apr 07, 2007 11:48 AM
by danielhcaldwell

The butterfly "resurrecting" 
from the tomb of the chrysalis

See the "resurrection" on this page:

And see a great video of the resurrection

[It is probably best to first save this video to
your computer's desktop and then view it on the desktop.]

See other beautiful pictures of the butterfly in its "tomb" at:

The "resurrection" is described in the Mahatma Letters in one passage 
as follows:
This state [Kama Loca, the chrysalis or tomb state] lasts from a few 
hours (rarely less), days, weeks, months - sometimes to several 
years. All this according to the entity, to its mental status at the 
moment of death, to the character of its death, etc. That remembrance 
will return slowly and gradually toward the end of the gestation (to 
the entity or Ego), still more slowly but far more imperfectly and 
incompletely to the shell, and fully to the Ego at the moment of its 
entrance into the Devachan. 

And now the latter being a state determined and brought by its past 
life, the Ego does not fall  headlong but sinks into it gradually and 
by easy stages. With the first dawn of that state appears that life, 
or rather is once more  lived over by the Ego, from its first day of 
consciousness to its  last. From the most important down to the most 
trifling event, all are marshalled before the spiritual eye of the 
Ego; only, unlike the events of real life, those of them remain only 
that are chosen by the new liver (pardon the word) clinging to 
certain scenes and actors, these remain permanently - while all the 
others fade away to disappear for ever, or to return to their 
creator - the shell. Now try to understand this highly important, 
because so highly just and retributive law, in its effects. 

Out of the RESURRECTED Past nothing remains but what the Ego has felt 
spiritually - that was evolved by and through and lived over by his 
spiritual faculties - be they love or hatred. All that I am now 
trying to describe is in truth - indescribable. As no two men, not 
even two photographs of the same person, nor yet two leaves resemble 
line for line each other, so no two states in Devachan are like ..
[M.L., 184:187] caps added


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