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The Psyche, the Soul in Theosophy

Apr 07, 2007 11:24 AM
by danielhcaldwell

In H.P. Blavatsky's writings and the
Mahatma Letters, the soul [psyche] is
called the "personality", the Kama-Manasic entity, the
animal soul, etc.

In the THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY, HPB defines psyche as:

"The animal, terrestrial Soul; the lower Manas."

It is considered mortal.

Notice that in the life cyle of the butterfly
that the catepillar is certainly a terrestrial 
creature, limited in its means of locomotion.
Who could imagine that such a earth bound creature
could transform itself [in a new birth] into a totally 
different creature that can fly!  This new creature is no longer
earth bound but has wings like an angel and can soar
into a totally different environment -- the air and sky....

In the myth of psyche, she becomes immortal and keeps 
company with the gods....

The Monarch butterfly is a very good symbol of the human soul.
The catepillar stage represents the human stage in earth life
that all of us are in.  Just as the catepillar has a voracious 
appetite for milkweed, humans have a voracious appetite
for experience --- physical, emotional, mental, etc.

At physical death, the human soul [kama-manas, the personality]
enters the kamalokic stage of existence whereas the catepillar
spins a cocoon and enters a "gestation state" and in this state 
totally transforms itself into a winged creature called a butterfly.

The Kamalokic state is described by Master KH as follows:

"The intermediary spheres . . .  are the great HALTING places, the 
stations in which the new Self-Conscious Egos TO BE-- the self-
begotten progeny of the old and disembodied Egos of our planet -- are 
GESTATED. Before the new phoenix, re-born of the ashes of its parents 
can soar higher, to a better, more spiritual, and perfect 
world . . .  it has to pass through THE PROCESS OF A NEW BIRTH."

"In that land of shadows, the new and YET UNCONSCIOUS Ego-foetus 
becomes the just victim of the transgressions of its old Self, whose 
karma -- merit and demerit -- will alone weave out  its future 
destiny. In that world. . . .we find but unconscious, self-acting, ex-
faculties and individuality lie as a butterfly in its chrysalis; and 
Spiritualists would yet have them talk sense! . . . . "  CAPS ADDED

Master K.H. 
The Mahatma Letters, 2nd Edition, Letter 9.


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