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Is KH describing "Soul Sleep"???

Apr 03, 2007 10:45 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Thus, when man dies, his "Soul" (5th prin[ciple]) becomes unconscious 
and loses all remembrance of things internal as well as external. 
Whether his stay in Kama Loka has to last but a few moments, hours, 
days, weeks, months or years; whether he died a natural or a violent 
death; whether it occurred in his young or old age, and whether the 
Ego was good, bad, or indifferent, - his consciousness leaves him as 
suddenly as the flame leaves the wick, when blown out. When life has 
retired from the last particle in the brain matter, his perceptive 
faculties become extinct forever, his spiritual powers of cogitation 
and volition - (all those faculties in short, which are neither 
inherent in, nor acquirable by organic matter) - for the time being. 
[The Mahatma Letters, p. 125 (3rd. ed.)]

Every just disembodied four-fold entity - whether it died a natural 
or a violent death, from suicide or accident, mentally sane or 
insane, young or old, good, bad, or indifferent - loses at the 
instant of death all recollection, it is mentally annihilated; it 
sleeps its akasic sleep in the Kama-loka. This state lasts from a few 
hours (rarely less), days, weeks, months - sometimes to several 
years. All this according to the entity, to its mental status at the 
moment of death, to the character of its death, etc.  [The Mahatma 
Letters, p. 184 (3rd. ed.)]

In Kama Loka those who retain their remembrance, will not enjoy it at 
the supreme hour of recollection. Those who know they are dead in 
their physical bodies can only be either adepts - or sorcerers; and 
these two are the exceptions to the general rule. Both having 
been "co-workers with nature", the former for good, the latter - for 
bad, in her work of creation and in that of destruction, they are the 
only ones who may be called immortal - in the Kabalistic and the 
esoteric sense of course.  [The Mahatma Letters, p. 124 (3rd. ed.)]

"Reviving consciousness begins after the struggle in Kama-Loka at the 
door of Devachan, and only after the 'gestation period'."   Master KH

"From Kama Loka . . . once awakened from their post-mortem torpor, 
the newly translated 'Souls' go all (but the shells) according to 
their attractions, either to Devachan or Avitchi."  Master KH


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