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Koot Hoomi: "In that land of shadows..." Kamaloka, Sheol, Hades???

Apr 03, 2007 10:37 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Koot Hoomi:  "In that land of shadows..."  
Kamaloka, Sheol, Hades???


"The intermediary spheres . . .  are the great halting places, the 
stations in which the new Self-Conscious Egos to be -- the self-
begotten progeny of the old and disembodied Egos of our planet -- are 
gestated. Before the new phoenix, re-born of the ashes of its parents 
can soar higher, to a better, more spiritual, and perfect 
world . . .   it has to pass through the process of a new 
birth . . . ."

"In that land of shadows, the new and yet unconscious Ego-foetus 
becomes the just victim of the transgressions of its old Self, whose 
karma -- merit and demerit -- will alone weave out its future 
destiny. In that world. . . .we find but unconscious, self-acting, ex-
human machines,  souls in their transition state, whose dormant 
faculties and individuality lie as a butterfly in its chrysalis; and 
Spiritualists would yet have them talk sense! . . . . "

Could this state/condition as described by Master KH be described as
Soul Sleep?????

Notice the word:  UNCONSCIOUS

Master K.H. 
The Mahatma Letters, 2nd Edition, Letter 9.

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