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Re: Homosexuality

Mar 31, 2007 06:07 PM
by plcoles1

How can we even pretend to be able to measure something like the 
spiritual status of someone based purely on their sexual orientation.

It seems to me the height of arrogance to imply that homosexuals are 
inferior as spiritual beings and that being a heterosexual makes us 
somehow superior.

Nature's processes are not always immediately apparent or known by us.
Theosophy teaches Compassion and loving all beings, so did the Buddha.

--- In, Bhikshuni Ariya 
<buddhism_in_india@...> wrote:
>   SO DO I.
> Konstantin Zaitzev <kay_ziatz@...> wrote:
>           Dear David,
> --- In, "davidbeamish_25" wrote:
> > How great a sin is homosexuality according to Theosophy?
> I think that there's no sin according to theosophy but there's non-
> constructive waste of energy.
> > Is it worse than murder in terms of karma?
> Surely not.
> > Is homosexual action in lust different than a heterosexual action 
> > lust?
> Probably somewhat different, for a "heterosexual action in lust" is 
> just a step down on a scale of nature, yet quite natural as a 
> heritage of an animal kingdom. From the other hand some say that 
> homosexuality has its origins in sexual overstimulation during 3rd 
> root race, or even in the Moon Chain.
> > Is it true that a homosexual cannot ever move into the 6'th root
> > race,
> I think that the personality is homosexual, not the Higher Self; 
> it's the latter moves into 6th root-race, not the personality.
> (Some say that there could be such trivial reasons for 
> as being woman in the last incarnation).
> Moreover, there are still many centuries AT LEAST before 
> of the 6th race, so there are many incarnations before all of us to 
> make ourselves fit to 6th race till it will really come.
> There were one or two homosexuals in this list; maybe they shall 
> more qualified answers.
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