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Re: Occultic Moon Landings

Mar 26, 2007 00:37 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

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Hello David,

> Has anyone ever wondered the same as me and do you think the moon
> landings were indeed staged

Yes, there are many good evidences for that but there are some 
against, too.
There was acute competition between USA and USSR for being first on 
the Moon. The main conctructor of the Soviet space rockets Koroliov 
unexpectedly died in the mid.60's, what seriously drew back Soviet 
space program for the time, so USA won.
If there were serious proofs that American Moon landings were forged, 
I think that Soviet propaganda would not fail to point to that. As I 
live in Russia, I'm sure that there was nothing like that coming from 
the official sources, except the statements that sending astronauts 
to Moon is too risky, so we deliberately preferred to use automatic 
stations Lunohod (Moon-walker; these were predecessors 
of "Opportunity" which is now on Mars and looked like that).

The occult issues of the matter are the following. Besides of the 
gaseous atmosphere Earth has its astral atmosphere. We don't know for 
sure how wide it is but the popular opinion is that it is surely 
wider than the gaseous atmosphere and reaches orbit of the Moon. Some 
say that due excentricity of the lunar orbit during some Moon phases 
Moon is within the astral atmosphere of the Earth and during other 
phases (probably new moon) it is not. This theory also makes us 
skeptical to those who claim visiting other planets in the astral 

If it is really true I wonder what would happen with an astronaut 
which goes beyond the limits of the astral atmosphere. Could his 
astral body continue to travel with him? He would die, or he would 
not, being in a kind of anabiosis, as the bacteria which would 
destroy his body also wouldn't function without astral atmosphere. 
Maybe his consciousness will return to him on return to the 
atmosphere. (In this respect flight to Mars is very important and it 
will finally prove or dismiss this hypothesis. According to this 
theory those who say that being for year on the orbital station we 
are ready for Mars are like those who'd say that after month of 
navigation in a pond we are ready for the expedition for discovering 
America. It would be safer to send any living thing, even a mouse, to 
Mars beforehand).
Maybe, as the Moon is lying just on a border of astral atmosphere, 
there were some unexpected effects on the consciousness of the 
astronauts which forced NASA finally to stop flights to the Moon.
It would be interesting to analyse in which Moon phases each flight 
was undertaken.

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