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Re: Magnetism resending

Mar 24, 2007 06:07 PM
by Cass Silva

Resending as log in expired - went through one of those "oh shit" moments.
  Will do but while I have you and if you have the time I would like to pick your brain on the subject of magnetism.
  HPB says, the cornerstone of Magic is an intimate practical knowledge of magnetism and electricity.  For me an intimate practical knowledge will probably require two lifetimes to master.  Anyway I am starting at the point of the earth's magnetic field and how it fluctuates and can flip so that north becomes south, and south becomes north.  
  The scientific papers written on it are very complicated and leave me more in the dark than when I started.  They appear to confuse rather than enlighten.
  Is there a relationship between the human magnetic field and the earth's magnetic field?
  If the earth's magnetic field is fluctuating would this impact on our physical bodies?  Some new agers say that it causes electro-magnetic deficiencies resulting in power losses to the human body.  Of course they are trying to push their magnets to do this.
  How does the lodestone help in this magnetic world, "There are occult properties in many other minerals equally strange with that in the lodestone, which all practioners of magic MUST know"  HPB
  Is the earth's magnetic field related to the Van Allen Belt.  How did the Astronauts travel through this belt to get to the moon. "The Van Allen radiation belt encircles the earth - energetically charged particles are trapped inside the earth's magnetic field.  The ESA says that they represent a hazard to satellites and humans in space.  Several million electron volts.  I think it was the ESA or NASA that stated that a rare event took place when the outer radiation belt was depleted and then reformed closer to the earth caused by wave accelerations.
  This screams at me that the only way we could have gotten through the Van Allen Belt is if we found a stargate or portal, and that science has now created (or imagined)one?
  Hope you are keeping well
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