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Kali-yuga: alternative opinion

Mar 24, 2007 01:27 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

"Some astrologers argue that the present period is only in the first 
quarter of Kali Yuga. This is because of the fact that Kali Yuga with 
its duration of 432000 years started from about the time of the 
Mahabharata war. Here is a blind. The duration of the yugas given in 
Puranas are not false, but the number of zeros in the numerical values 
of yugas contained the top secrets. They are based on certain hidden 
truths of astronomical phenomena and their corresponding effects as 
astrological influences. The purpose and mode of application on each 
level of understanding governs the number of zeros required for it. 
The figure of 432000 years given in the Puranas for Kali Yuga 
indicates the yuga-cycle period that works on the geographical and 
geological phenomena of the earth, and is not for the races and 
nations of humanity. The whole calculation is arranged as many cycles 
of lesser duration within larger ones. The least has 432 years and the 
next cycle is ten times the former, and so on. Each of these 
sub-periods or cycles apply to races, sub-races, nations, families and 
also to individuals in their cycles of rebirths. For the present, it 
is enough to reveal that the numbers of Kali Yuga, 432 with one zero 
give the end of a sub-period. This date marks the reopening of a 
spiritual school on this earth. The teachers of various levels resumed 
their offices and began to work. If we add 1/10th of the above number 
as cuspal period to it we get the end of a subcycle of Kali Yuga. This 
period is remarkable for great reformations and the advent of World 
Teacher. The end of the Piscean age and the beginning of the Aquarian 
age falls in the next sub-cycle. This gives the possibility of the 
advent of the new race of men."
E. Krishnamacharya, "Spiritual Astrology", p. 164-165. 

If we conduct proposed calculations, adding 4320 (432 with one zero) + 
"1/10th of the above number", 432, to 3102 B.C, we'll get approx. 1650 
as the end of the first subperiod. This year aptly marks the the 
beginning of the new time.

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