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Re: Theos-World New Member Intro

Mar 23, 2007 10:16 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Welcome to the group. We have world-wide subscribers who are novices and
many who have been students of theosophy for many years and as such you will
find a very wide variety of views and ideas here. Many belong to one society
or the other and many do not belong to any. We are all students of theosophy
and  searchers of truth in our own way. You are welcome to post msgs on any
topic or question you are interested in.


On 3/23/07, john mcalpin <> wrote:
> hello to all :)
> my name is john mcalpin (i usually sign my emails with "john mc")
> and i am a seeker after the truth.
> i have, for a long time now, been interested in the theosophical
> society, especially because it is so eclectic (if that is the proper
> word to use?). it's not about total devotion to a singular path,
> but sort of studies and is accepting of all paths, as i understand,
> and my understanding could be wrong.
> in any event, if i were to actually ever join a spiritual/mystical group,
> it would probably be the theosophical society.
> i have been seeking since my college days (i am now 60 years of
> age). i found the path of Eckankar shortly after leaving college,
> and learned many wonderful things in it, before leaving it. i sort
> of refer to myself these days as a Christian, but i am so very far
> from the mainstream :) my interpretation of the Christian story
> includes much from the East.
> i am also deeply involved in the connection between the physical
> body and consciousness / spirituality.
> ok. that's my story in brief. i look forward to learning many
> wonderful things from youse guys :)
> In the Quest,
> john mc
> :)
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