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New Member Intro

Mar 23, 2007 10:07 PM
by john mcalpin

hello to all :)

my name is john mcalpin (i usually sign my emails with "john mc")
and i am a seeker after the truth.

i have, for a long time now, been interested in the theosophical
society, especially because it is so eclectic (if that is the proper
word to use?).  it's not about total devotion to a singular path,
but sort of studies and is accepting of all paths, as i understand,
and my understanding could be wrong.

in any event, if i were to actually ever join a spiritual/mystical group,
it would probably be the theosophical society.

i have been seeking since my college days (i am now 60 years of
age).  i found the path of Eckankar shortly after leaving college,
and learned many wonderful things in it, before leaving it.  i sort
of refer to myself these days as a Christian, but i am so very far
from the mainstream  :)  my interpretation of the Christian story
includes much from the East.

i am also deeply involved in the connection between the physical
body and consciousness / spirituality.

ok.  that's my story in brief.  i look forward to learning many
wonderful things from youse guys  :)

In the Quest,

john mc


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