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Re: Theos-World Kali-yuga

Mar 22, 2007 06:15 PM
by samblo

   You may recall I posted some time back the Sun's Diameter was 864,000 
miles and Radius is 432,000 miles. The Kali Yug is 432,000 years long, the first 
5000 years was minor cycle that H.P.B. discussed. That leaves the remaining 
427,000 years until the Kali Yug ends.It states 432,000 years in the website I 
   The Mayan Calendar ends it's Major Cycle December 2012, but it immediately 
begins a new Ahua Cycle, it is a perpetual Calendar much like what Blavastsky 
explains in the Kalpa/ Manvantara cycles. Solve et Coagula as Martin 
Leiderman loved to say.
   The Remote Viewers ran into an anomalous "Discontinuity" when viewing that 
date, and are unable to perceive what is in the time stream after it for 
reasons they are unable to discern. 
   My personal view its we face a Challenge to Mankind that can involve 
Transformation of the Dynamic Consciousness, perhaps it will be surprising to us 

John   </HTML>

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