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Two Significant Scientific Papers- The one from New Scientist Magazine almost sounds like a quote of the Stanza of Dzyan from the SD.

Mar 21, 2007 08:18 PM
by Thomas Withey

Hi all, 

I wanted to thank you all for the many Theosophy videos and  links you have
let us know about.   I also want to thank Daniel for his Theosophy booklist
and his history of how he started reading about Theosophy.  My  start came
in Tucson as well when I chanced upon the very large Theosophical book
collection  at the Tucson Public Library downtown branch when starting high
school about 1968.  There was an organization called the World University,
run by a Dr. Howard John Zitko (originally from the Lemurian Fellowship or
elated group in California  and a former Unity minister) in Tucson that had
thousands of books on esotericism and Theosophy and Tucson had a local
Theosophy and a local Rosicrucian Meeting once a month and thy met one after
the other.   I remember the semi-Rosicrucian,  Corinne Heline, who wrote
some interesting New Age books before the the term New Age had hit the
public consciousness and  Dr. Riley Crabb, who was then head of Borderland
Sciences Research in California  both gave lectures there.  *apprently now located in Benson
Arizona claims a library of 25,000 books.

Tucson was home in the 60s to the largest UFO organization, APRO, which is
now defunct. One of the  first serious conferences  on UFOs was held at the
University of Arizona with many famous researchers such as Dr. J. Allen
Hynek  and Dr. Leo Sprinkle being present. Some of the more prominent UFO
researchers make their home there.

Sorry I am getting off the subject.
I thought I would share two link to some interesting scientific articles.

The last thirty years of Physics has been an era of upheaval with Physicist
pretty much reintroducing "Ether" back into its concepts, without daring to
use that word (instead terms such as zero-point energy,  quantum
magnetohydrodynamics   etc have been used).

First Article:  The universe is a string-net liquid,    from New Scientist


 So in their theory elementary particles are not the fundamental building
blocks of matter. Instead, they emerge from the deeper structure of the
non-empty vacuum of space-time.

Light and matter unified

Second Article:   Scientists say nerves use sound, not electricity

Third article is just for fun -  about the glasswing butterfly that has
transparent wings:

Tom W. 


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