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Re: Theos-World Excerpt "From The Watchtower"

Mar 21, 2007 07:15 AM
by Mauri

John<< I don't recall seeing the excerpt from 
the book posted here so the other list got it. maybe you can post it here so 
I can see it. My instinct tells me it may be much the same Genus as what 
Phillip K. Dick spoke of in his Famous Trilogy "Valis" 1981 (Vast Alien Living 
Intelligence System) in which he has interaction with the "Plasmate" P.231 #22 >>

I don't recall coming across anything in RAM's (Robert A. Monroe's) books that would suggest that he was familiar with Theosophical terminology or the Esoteric/Wisdom Tradition, per se, but I have been thinking that RAM could be or might be interpreted as offering a perspective that in some ways might be seen to support many or some of the particulars (globes, planes, etc) found in the writings of HPB, eg.  

Here's some quotes from R.A. Monroe's THE ULTIMATE JOURNEY (his last book, I think):

P16:  <<And there was my INSPEC friend.
              It was one thing to talk with such mind-consciousness in sessions in a laboratory,  as simply a voice speaking through someone physical that you knew well.  It was something quite different to encounter one face to face.  Either in fun or fact, we had chosen the acronym INSPEC (for Intelligent Species) to identify this energy form, which implied that we Human Minds were something less.
              But this INSPEC was not the same as those I had previously met.  Over the years I had experiened many nonphysical meetings, communication and rapport with those who were obviously very human, those who still possessed a physical body, and otherwise.  this INSPEC, however, was different.>>>

P17:  <<Now back to my INSPEC friend.  Here is an excerpt from one of our earlier meetings when I had phased out of my body and moved to a point just beyond the H Band.>> ( He describes "H Band" on p17:  <<The H Band Noise is the peak of uncontrolled thought that emanates from all living forms on Earth, particularly humans.  If you consider it as truly all, even in a current time frame, you get a better idea of the magnitude of this disorganized, cacophonous mass of messy energy.  The amplitude of each segment of the band is determined by the emotion involved in the thought.  Yet our civilization does not even recognize that the H Band exists.>>>)

(in the following I have added "I" for "INSPEC" in case the original italics--for INSPEC communications in the book--don't get through with my "plain text" settings)

p18<<I wonder if this being understands how strong his or her light is.  Could it be an E.T. (extraterrestrial) after all?

I -- You will become accustomed to the light.  You have the same radiation to us . . . and we are not the extraterrestrials as you mean it.

You read what I am thinking?

I -- That is true.  Just as you can with me.

I can?

I -- You are dong it now in part, but only the surface part.

Yes, you are right.  It is certainly not words and sounds . . . not air to vibrate . . . but simply in the mind . . . yes.

I -- What you call the core self does remember.

You know, I do remember . . . I remember you . . . the feel of you . . .

I -- I is good that you do not express fear.  We can do much when that barrier is removed.

Oh, I have a few fears left . . .

I -- But they do not rule your perception.  For example, why are you not filled with fear at this moment?

I don't know.  But I'm not afraid.  That's true.  Right at this moment I am here, talking with you in a rational way . . . with you, someone who is very familiar to me . . . a brightly glowing figure that some people would interpret as a god, an angel, or at the very least some extraterrestrial.  Yet we are here talking just like two ordinary people . . . except that we are not using words!

I -- the difference is the lack of fear.

there is so much potential . . . Who are you actually?  Or maybe I should say, What are you?  Now I do have the courage to ask.

I --  It is beyond your experience to understand at this time.  But you will understand, and very soon.

Can we meet again?

I -- All you need do is ask for our help.

You mean meditating?  Saying prayers?

I -- The words and rituals are meaningless.  It is the thought . . . 
the emotion . . . that is the signal.  If the proper signal is given, we are able to help.

Let me be sure of this.  You are not the god . . . a god . . . but perhaps someone from another planet?

I -- No, not from another planet.  

Are you the one, or one of those who may have created us . . . the Earth?

I -- No.  We are sorry to disappoint you.  But we can give you what we have in regard to the creative process.  Do you desire it?

Why, yes.  Yes!

I -- This is what we have . . .

I was filled, almost overcome, with a surge of enormous energy, an immensely powerful vibration of very high frequency.  This I know as a ROTE, short for Related Organized Thought Energy, a sort of ball of condensed thought and ideas.

Is is so much!  I can't understand it all at once . . .

I -- You will, when you can examine it at leisure.

Thank you.

There was a pause before the INSPEC communicated again.

I -- You are uncertain as to your progress, your growth.

I am uncertain, that's true.  I think I know my goal, my purpose.  The uncertainty is what lies in bewtween.

I -- What do you perceive as your goal?

Well . . . I guess . . . service to humankind.

I -- That is indeed a noble goal.  It is the ever-present desire of your human self to attain perfection.  When you are no longer human, desire focuses in another direction.  But there are other goals.

A desire more important?  No, I don't mean that . . . a desire different from the human experience?

I -- You are doing very well.

I often wonder about that.

I -- You will find an answer . . . Now I perceive you need to return to your physical body.

You do read my mind!  I don't know what it is, but I have to go back.  How do we meet again?

I -- All you need do is hold this moment in your awareness, and I will be here.

Thank you.

        The return to the physical was uneventful..  The signal had been generated not by the usual full bladder but by my favorite cat lying on the pillow beside my head.  I was sure I had checked the room but somehow she must have sneaked in.  In my excitement, I wasn't in the least irritated.>>>>

There's much more in the book.  I'm not sure, but I think RAM's book came out more or less in this order (his OBE's getting more involved with time, as described from book to book):

In 1971 :  JOURNEYS OUT OF THE BODY, then came FAR JOURNEYS, I think, before THE ULTIMATE JOURNEY.  I'm wondering if there was another book in between those, at some point.  He explains in his first book that he first got into OBE's spontaneously (without any apparent help, thoughts about it nor any related/esoteric topics, etc), and began wondering if he was getting mentally unstable.  Being versant with radio, electronics, he subsequently developed his "hemi-sync" technology as an aid in getting OOB's.  More info at


PS  Seems to me as if the experiences that some people have had with bright lights (what they might be inclined to call angels or gods?) might be similar to RAM's INSPECS.   Apparently my father had an experience with a bright light he said spoke to him.  Seems he thought "God"  had spoken to him.  I'm now wondering if my father encountered an INSPEC of the kind RAM describes.  For all I know, maybe lots of people have encountered INSPECS but might have decided to call them gods, angels or whatever, for whatever reason. 

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