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Re: Theos-World Excerpt "From The Watchtower"

Mar 20, 2007 05:38 AM
by Mauri

In a message dated 3/19/2007 9:14:42 PM Central Daylight Time, 

Chuck is that the same Monroe that founded the Monroe Institute on past 
life studies? What pray tell is "INSPEC's"?

John,  Robert A. Monroe wrote in his ULTIMATE JOURNEY, page 16: <<Either in fun or fact, we had chosen the acronym INSPEC (for Intelligent Species) to identify this energy form, which implied that we human minds were something less.>>  RAM offers clues about the nature of that energy form in his book.  I sent an INSPEC/RAM excerpt from the book to this list yesterday.  Or maybe it was the other list ...

^:-/ ...

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