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Re: Theos-World Hey! Where Is Everyone?

Mar 19, 2007 10:07 AM
by Adam Kofoid

I second that, mkr! I have noticed there are very few videos on the subject
of Theosophy floating around the net. While I do enjoy a good book, I am a
relatively slow reader, consequently I can learn much quicker from a
video. I believe many would benefit greatly if some eloquently presented
videos began to circulate. :-)

On 3/18/07, <> wrote:

>   Well, glad to know that some of us are still on line and reading our
> posts! Seems kind of creepy, all this absentee and mostly silence from our
> die-hard theosophists. Lately I myself have been viewing all sorts of google
> videos, mostly the ufo videos, very very interesting indeed. I would like to
> be contacted too, I think.
> Marie
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> mkr,
> Thanks for your comments and reply. I recently read of "Joost TV" which in
> three years will offer 50,000 Channels of Television coming from
> everywhere
> in the world. We are in an era of "New Horizons" again and the curve is
> become
> vertical and exponential.
> Certainly I posit there may already be Theosophy on YouTube. I recently
> found a video of a close friend I had years ago who has passed on 20 years
> past on Google Video, Hal Wilcox a UFO Contactee interviewed at Sedona
> Arizona it
> was like seeing a resurrection of a lost comrade. I don't know who posted
> it
> there.
> Best regards,
> John </HTML>
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