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Re: Theos-World Hey! Where Is Everyone?

Mar 19, 2007 05:24 AM
by Cass Silva

Found this on Tesla. You all may find it interesting.  Apparently he was greatly influenced by Vivenkananda.
  Cass wrote:
          Well, glad to know that some of us are still on line and reading our posts! Seems kind of creepy, all this absentee and mostly silence from our die-hard theosophists. Lately I myself have been viewing all sorts of google videos, mostly the ufo videos, very very interesting indeed. I would like to be contacted too, I think.

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Hey! Where Is Everyone?

Thanks for your comments and reply. I recently read of "Joost TV" which in 
three years will offer 50,000 Channels of Television coming from everywhere 
in the world. We are in an era of "New Horizons" again and the curve is become 
vertical and exponential.
Certainly I posit there may already be Theosophy on YouTube. I recently 
found a video of a close friend I had years ago who has passed on 20 years 
past on Google Video, Hal Wilcox a UFO Contactee interviewed at Sedona Arizona it 
was like seeing a resurrection of a lost comrade. I don't know who posted it 

Best regards,
John </HTML>

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