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Re: [bn-study] Re: The universe is a string-net liquid (article New Scientist 15 March 2007)

Mar 18, 2007 08:01 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 3/17/07 9:59:24 PM, writes:

> Leon wrote:<<The following article shows how reductive science may be 
> gradually approaching (from the outside in or top down) and merging with the ABC 
> theory* of cosmogenesis that (from the inside out or bottom up) proposes a 
> descending harmonic series of fractally involving, coadunate but not 
> consubstantial (i.e., enfolded inside each other at different orders or phases of 
> frequency/mass/energy/density) electrodynamic fields -- originating from an initial 
> one dimensional ray or string of G-force radiated from the spinergy, or 
> positive (CW) and negative (CCW) angular momentum (potential matter) globally 
> encircling the empty and inert zero point (potential consciousness) in the 
> "singularity" of the Absolute, mother or Ground Space at the primal beginning 
> (i.e., Big Bang).** >>
>  That might be interesting, but seems to me that some students of Theosophy 
> might have some interest in sort of "looking beyond" or transcending 
> dualistic/multiplistic or karmic/mayavic thoughts in general.  I sometimes wonder why 
> such students (surely there's no end of those around here?) are not more 
> often and more specifcally addressed on these lists.  Well, not that one 
> person's "more specific" might not come across like another person's something else, 
> on the other hand, but ... As I tend to see it, there is no such thing as a 
> "theory of everything," other than in terms that reflect interpretations 
> that, in essence, are karmic/mayavic.  And since we all know what "karma/maya" 
> means ...  On the other hand, I suppose some theories/thoughts might be used as 
> a means to get to some kind of realization/experience of whatever might 
> transcend them (isn't that what might be meant by the phrase "working with karma 
> in order to transcend it"?).  So, on the other hand ... ^:-/ ...
That information on the scientific basis of cosmogenesis was given out for 
the benefit of those already familiar with, as well as those who have no real 
understanding of Karma or Maya, who might need or want to know the "scientific" 
rationale proving that they are based on actual laws of nature... Something 
that HPB tried to do in the Secret Doctrine, but was limited by the primitive 
science of her time.   Wasn't those SD teachings supposed to be a "Synthesis of 
SCIENCE, Religion and Philosophy?"   And, wasn't the knowledge given out, when 
scientifically comprehended, supposed to give us an unshakable conviction of 
all the "truths" of theosophy?   Didn't she also say that the final scientific 
proofs of theosophy would inevitably appear around or after the end of the 
20th century?   What better way would there be to reinforce that conviction?   
Why couldn't ABC be the forerunner and basis of that soon to come new 
scientific proof?

Also, HPB taught that there was nothing illusory about the laws of physical 
nature -- since the enraged "mayavic" elephant rushing at you will trample you 
into the ground and make a bloody mess, if you don't get out of the way.   She 
also taught that there was no such thing as supernatural magic -- since 
whatever appeared so, was simply based on a knowledge of the "correlation of 
forces" or what she called "glamour" -- which only fools (non Adepts:-) who don't 
know that they are being tricked by a mental diversion, will fall for. 

That's not to say that other psychic phenomena such as clairvoyance, 
telepathy, etc., isn't scientifically possible when we understand how the higher order 
coadunate but not consubstantial coenergetic fields (as explained by HPB and 
ABC theory) can interact with each other through their central zero-points of 
"entangled" consciousness.   Nothing "mayavic" about any of that.   Only the 
"appearances" of the world are Maya... Since all we can see of it is an unreal 
or virtual image in our mind that we naively think is what's actually out 
there... But that, realistically, is nothing solid at all... But just empty space 
in vibratory motion at infinitely variable frequencies and energies -- most of 
which are far below (or above) the sensitivity range and thresholds of our 
visual system -- which can only see the light reflected off the surfaces of the 
physical forms. Therefore, it's that illusion of the outer world that is 
"mayavic" -- not that world itself -- which is just as real as we are, both 
physically and metaphysically.

Well, all I am trying to do is help round out the scientific aspect of 
theosophy, so that those who have no conviction of the truth of karma and 
reincarnation or Maya, might see how they are scientifically provable -- in accord with 
this new paradigm of science that considers consciousness and matter as being 
fundamental aspects of primal space... At least, on the level of our 
"subjective" evidence, that, in deep meditation, can be even more convincing than 
"objective" evidence of conventional science (that is sometimes fooled by 
Maya:-)... Quantum indeterminacy and evolution theories based on "probabilities" or 
chance mutations, are just such examples.   Didn't Einstein say, "God doesn't 
play dice"?   And, isn't ABC theory -- based on theosophical metaphysics which is 
consistent with Einsteins theory of relativity -- sufficient proof of that?

Therefore, in these new scientific paradigm terms, there is the possibility 
of a "unified field theory of everything."   But that doesn't mean that the 
appearance of Maya isn't a real phenomena (if only in the mind) or that karma 
can't be changed or transcended (also through the mind).   

In addition, this knowledge might help those who are skeptical of theosophy 
-- so as to begin to understand the reality of its teachings of karma and 
reincarnation, and to pay more attention to its concurrent moral/ethical heart 
doctrine precepts, as well as the necessity for universal brotherhood.   The 
impeccable logic of a scientifically consistent cosmogenesis -- that is consistent 
with and may soon be provable by a synthesis of the new mathematics and 
theories of strings, M-branes, zero-point (aether) energy, holographic paradigm, 
microleptons, axions, dark matter/energy, phantom DNA, etc., and by experiments, 
such as the Casimir effect, etc. -- can easily transcend closed minded 
skeptical thinking.   The ABC theory is the bridge to and the basis of all of that.   
Once conventional science recognizes such a fundamental reality, even without 
acknowledgment, and passes that acceptance on to the common people who 
believe in science or even religion at its fundamental roots -- the game will be 
won, HPB and the Masters vindicated, and the last cycle of the Theosophical 
Movement completed. 

>  << "We could have created something in the lab that nobody has
> seen before," says Lee.>>
>  Okay and then what?  More theories about the "not seen before" thing?  
> Reminds me of a dog chasing its tail.  MInd you (should I repeat myself?)  I'm 
> not knocking "working with karma in order to transcend karma," in a sense, I 
> think.
The "then what" will be, when created in the lab or discovered, another 
"physical" proof that those higher order, homogeneous, transcendent field 
"singularities" or "condensates" actually exist.   What better way of understanding and 
working with the laws of karma on the higher planes, in order to transcend 
our karma on this lower one we are currently on?   Once we realize that 
zero-point consciousness is the "creator" on every plane and that the consciousness 
(or "higher nature") of one is identical with the consciousness of all -- can we 
take our individual karma in our own hands, so to speak, and know how to 
alter or transcend it.   The trick is, once knowing that the rules of karma are 
the same on all the planes, and follow the same laws of electrodynamics and 
harmonic resonances -- can we restore the harmonies we have disrupted by our past 
actions by changing our motives -- and, subsequently, our future actions based 
on them.   As Buddha said, "Everything we are is the result of what we have 
thought" and following that "Everything we will become shall be the result of 
what we are thinking."

My advice, if you can accept it in good faith as well meant, is that you 
should cease this endless and pointless speculating, and use the image* of the 
"chakrafields" of the ABC model as your "seed" of meditation -- while practicing 
the Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali.   When the last stage of Jnana is reached, 
where one knows "the ultimate division of time" (hint: at the zero-point instant 
of primal beginning) all of your karma will have been transcended and 
complete enlightenment (i.e., "self realization") or "emancipation" from the bonds of 
karma will have been achieved.   At that point, there will be no more need 
for speculation about anything (except, perhaps, what it might be like in the 
next manvantara, or even one's next life:-) ... Since all the fundamental truths 
of theosophy as well as the nature of the worlds of Samsara and Maya, along 
with the differences between them, will become as clear as the light of day. 

Another way would be to have a sudden leap or flash of inspiration (as an 
epiphany) with a full understanding of the scientific laws of cycles and 
periodicity -- originating in the zero-point "spinergy" underlying the ABC theory -- 
and their relationship with the laws of nature on this physical plane, along 
with the instant realization that you are the "creator" of this entire 
universe... Becoming, in that moment, one with Krishna, Christ, Adi Buddha, Tao, 
Brahma, etc..   And, thus, the master of Karma (i.e., having complete knowledge of 
the laws of action-reaction on every plane or state of consciousness).

Best wishes,

*Image references to help you in your meditation: (in Diamond Samadhi)   
>  Speculatively,
>  Mauri

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