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Re: Theos-World Hey! Where Is Everyone?

Mar 17, 2007 11:04 PM
by samblo

   Good for you sounds like you have it all well covered. BTW, a friend 
recently demonstrated the Google Earth Views Option Google offers. I put in the 
address of my childhood home and Google Earth View displayed the satellite image 
of it. I was able to zoom in to a close view on the intersection of the corner 
where I lived when just 7 years old. I could rotate the view 360 degree's and 
also decline the slant angle from 90 degree's to ground level. I was amazed 
to see all the many vacant lots when tenement houses were once packed like 
sardines. My former home no longer was there just vacant lot.
   I also went to Wurzeburg Germany to look at Marion Castle which Blavatsky 
must have frequented when she lived there. And also to Babenhausen and saw the 
Army Base where I was once stationed.
   The Download for Google Earth View is free but I suggest everyone read the 
System Requirements recommended for it first.

Best regards,
John   </HTML>

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