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Re: Theos-World Hey! Where Is Everyone?

Mar 17, 2007 09:57 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Me wondering the same thing. Of late I have been having a lot of fun
exploring computer backup options and software which will save my day when
there is a disaster of one kind or another - fire, vandalism, theft,
hardware and software failure and malfunctioning. Last week my computer was
behaving erratically and finally it was traced to a defective hard drive
which was not fixable and had to be replaced. Fortunately with the new hard
drive and recovery of a good image from the previous hard drive a month ago,
everything is rock steady now and am enjoying my time on the Internet. A
good change from Theosophical  issues.


On 3/17/07, <> wrote:
>   Where is everyone? Are they watching Steven Greer videos on Google? Is
> anybody out there?
> Marie
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